There were many mistakes made at the beginning of my career. 


I was totally clueless and willing to try all-the-things to finally figure out how to make some money online. 


I wasted so much time chasing after shiny objects and “what’s hot now” (#clubhouse) tactics that just left me tired, broke and worn down.


But, if there’s one thing I truly wish I knew back then, it’s this:


How to make money with a small email list 


Every online entrepreneur knows the importance of building out your email list. It allows you to: 


  • Build a really deep connection to your audience
  • Turn sales on and off
  • Scale your offer #hellofinancialfreedom


But, most businesses don’t start off with a 50-page long email list. 


And when you’re still working on building out your audience, profits and revenue might seem ridiculously tough to come by. 


So, in this episode of The Shine Show, I dissect THREE incredible ways in which you can earn money even if you have a small email list!


And there might also be something about a huge giveaway for when we finally hit that 100 episode mark! So listen in to find out how you can win a FREE 2.5 hour launch strategy call with yours truly!


Listen to the episode now and come find me on my Instagram (@salome.schillack) to continue the conversation!