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"Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart. That is why she has been such a huge support to my community."

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert


"Salome's been one of my best students and I feel so proud of what she has created. I know that she gets results and that she deeply cares about all of her clients. Her knowledge of Facebook ads is second-to-none and she's doing amazing work with online course creators. I'll recommend her and her team in a heartbeat."

Rick Mulready

The Original Online Marketing Superhero  🙂

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3 Types of Facebook Ads Every Course Creator Needs

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Who we are

Our Chief of Everything, Salome (pronounced suh-lo-mee) created Shine and Succeed to help online course creators grow their business faster and make more profit so that they can create an even bigger impact and have more freedom in their own lives.

So just like you, we care about making the world a better place!

Team Shine (Salome’s nickname for the amazing people who make it all happen) does this with tried and trusted Facebook and Instagram ad strategies that have been proven to work in the multi 6-and 7 figure businesses they work with every day inside the agency.

But what we’re most proud of is our commitment to care as much about your business as we do about ours.

And it’s a whole lot easier to amplify your impact when you’ve got humans who care as well as they strategize by your side!

Because while Facebook and Instagram ads are at the core of our work, that’s just scratching the surface of what we promise to deliver. We’re driven by building deeper connections, understanding your unique funnels and helping you help more people.

Sounds like the team you want by your side?

Testimonials from Happy Clients


“Salome and her team came highly recommended and I can see why. They are so thorough in their lead up to a launch campaign and helped up to determine and deliver video, headlines and graphics well in advance so that during our launch we could focus on other things. I love their follow up AFTER the launch as well. The breakdown of sales/ads is so helpful to see whats working for future ad spends!”

Jennifer Allwood



“I had a big launch coming up, and I knew that I needed to be running Facebook ads in order for it to be successful. I had run my own ads in the past, but it was just becoming too much to manage. I knew I needed some help — someone who knew more than me about ads, someone who could take that stress off of my plate.

I reached out to Salome for her help, and the second we started chatting, I knew I liked her. She's warm, and kind, and understanding, and clearly knew her stuff, so I knew she was my gal.  I had a super quick turnaround for my launch, but Salome took it in stride. She had my ads up and ready to go before I could even believe it, and we were off! She truly took the entire process of Facebook ads off of my plate, offering insight and perspective and tricks and tools that I never would have found on my own. It was so nice to know that my launch was in such good hands.

...more from Stephanie...

Stephanie May Wilson



"Delegating to your team was a stressful decision for me as our business scales. Giving up control on something so important as ad strategy is nerve wracking, but your quality of support and attention to detail has proved it was the right decision and has freed me up to focus on other areas for growth. You know the most up to date, important info on the algorithm, budgets, and policies, which can really make or break an ads campaign. I appreciate the consistency of communication and reporting that makes me feel completely in the loop. On our first launch together, I was put completely at ease and happy with the webinar registrations. The cost per conversion was great."

Morgan Sutton

COO Sue B Zimmerman Enterprizes | https://suebzimmerman.com/


"Salome and her team were an integral part of my launch. With her Facebook Ad Strategy I was able to double the target market of my current email list. When I had tech glitches, without a beat her team supported me. When I had questions, they were there to inform me. Salome is a professional, cares deeply about her clients, and is committed to getting you results."

Kat Harris

The Refined Woman | https://www.therefinedwoman.com/


“Salome came into our lives like a gust of fresh, vibrant air -- full of new ideas, potent business strategies, and an unflagging optimism for what we could achieve. My business partner and I could not have been more pleased with the results. In fact, Salome knocked our socks off! We are better and on far more solid ground today for having worked with her.”

Nancy Hala

The Pillar Life & The Sheri and Nancy Show | https://thepillarlife.com/