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The 3 Secrets To Profitable Online Course Launches Only The Best Facebook™ Ads Managers Know

(and it's probably not what you think)

Learn how to fill your online course launches with hot leads that actually buy, track the numbers that matter and create a profitable business without wasting money along the way!

The 3 Secrets To Profitable Online Course Launches Only The Best Facebook™ Ads Managers Know


In This Masterclass You'll Discover:


Actionable steps you can take right now to set your next campaign up for predictable and profitable results. Finally, feel confident and in charge, knowing your hard work will pay off.


Learn to track and analyze the most valuable sales data that you might be accidentally throwing away (and how to use it as your weapon for success.)


Discover the reason most Facebook™ Ads fall flat and end up being a giant money pit with little to show for your investment (and how you can avoid any future ad flops).


A sneak peek behind the scenes showing you how my team and I generate 6 and even 7-figure online course launches for our clients. (We’ve been in the backend of 78 launches and counting, we know our stuff!)


Discover the little-known formula behind successful online course launches that are ready to scale to evergreen profits faster.

The 3 Secrets To Profitable Online Course Launches Only The Best Facebook™ Ads Managers Know

What others are saying

"Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart. That is why she has been such a huge support to my community."

- Amy Porterfield

"The results from this launch totally blew me away, and it wouldn't have happened
without Salome."

- Stephanie May Wilson

"On our first launch together, I was put completely at ease and happy with the webinar registrations. The cost per conversion was great."

- Morgan Sutton
COO Sue B Zimmerman

"Salome and her team came highly recommended and I can see why."

- Jennifer Allwood

Is This Masterclass For Me?

If you want to make an impact in the world through selling online courses and you already have your niche and audience nailed, this masterclass is for you!

If you're not sure who you serve or how you serve them and you're not ready to use paid ads to launch, this masterclass is not the right class for you.

You can't afford to miss this masterclass if:

  • You're ready to launch your online course or membership profitably the first (or next) time without feeling like you're gambling your money away on outdated ad strategies that only work for people with large audiences
  • The last time you launched, you got heaps of sign-ups from ads but the sales results left you feeling frustrated, sad and without much left for you at the end.
  • You've had some success in your launches and now you are ready to learn how to scale those launches using ads so that you can finally hire a team, build your evergreen funnels and start enjoying real CEO freedom.

The 3 Secrets To Profitable Online Course Launches Only The Best Facebook™ Ads Managers Know

A note from Salome Shillack

(Your 'hostess with the mostess' and the expert when it comes to achieving record-breaking launches that generate fat-wallet freedom for YOU, and significant impact for THE WORLD).


Hi, I'm Salome - I'm a CEO, a Podcast Host, an Online Coach and Trainer, an Online Course Launcher and Consultant, a Marketing Strategist and a former Facebook™ Ads Manager. (Phew! That was a mouthful! 😉)

But more importantly, I am a mom who was desperate to find a way to balance my family AND my career. I stumbled into the world of online courses around 6 years ago, and it changed everything!  Finally, I could be there for the school pick-up AND generate more money than I ever thought possible! 

It was life-changing. 

Since starting my business, I’ve researched, tested, trialed, and learned my #peachemoji off to discover the right way and the wrong way when it comes to launching profitable online courses. I find it ridiculously satisfying to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same freedom I did! 

Today I run an agency managing Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads for multi-million-dollar businesses, and I charge upward of $20,000 per launch to do this. I’ve spent the last 6 years becoming an online course launch genius, and I can confidently say my strategies WORK!

I’ve spent a fair amount of my time (and more money than I would ever disclose to my husband 😉) delving into courses... and training... and coaching... and memberships... and books... that would put any MBA to shame.

My team and I have been on the backend of over 78 online course launches in the last 4 years and we have seen exactly what does and doesn't work and, surprise, surprise, it does not have everything to do with ads. 

I’ve created this class with you in mind! Time is precious and I know what it’s like to juggle a million different balls in the air at one time. That’s why I’ve crammed in as much gold as I could into my one hour free masterclass, so you can accelerate your progress and start generating incredible results faster. 

All I need you to do is show up live!

I can’t wait to get started and show you all the things I wish I had known when first launching online courses.


The 3 Secrets To Profitable Online Course Launches Only The Best Facebook™ Ads Managers Know