160. Navigating Fear and Reclaiming Personal Power With Claire Yee

14 June 2022 | By Salome Schillack

This week’s episode is like a day spa for your brain!

You're busy working on your business, course, students, and family, but when was the last time you worked on yourself? 

If it's been a hot minute, then today's episode of The Shine Show is especially for you. 

Your potential for success, for more students, and more income comes down to one thing: showing up as your best self.

Want to know the secret to turning up as your best self and having an endless supply of magnetic energy that your community can't get enough of?


If you have been putting yourself last for way too long and neglecting the very brain that thought up all those brilliant ideas of yours… 

Stop what you're doing because, without some proper TLC, that same brilliant mind of yours also has the power to rip it all away. 

If you are constantly pulled in a million directions, unsure where to go next, having surges of 'pick me' energy, and feeling like you're always chasing students desperate for them to join you…..guess what!

We've got some mindset work to do.

And I've got the perfect gal for you to meet.

This week on the show, I'm joined by mindset coach Claire Yee who has helped thousands of women develop life-altering mindsets that help them achieve their dreams. 

Being around Claire is the equivalent of taking your brain to a day spa. So put on your fluffy robe, get out the cucumber slices and prepare yourself for some mind nourishment that will set you up for a relaxed, calm, and collected week! 

This episode will impact and change you for the better, so grab a cuppa and learn how to get back to being your best self!




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Salome Schillack (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to episode number 160 of The Shine Show. Today's show is called Navigating Fear and Reclaiming Personal Power and I'm interviewing one of my favorite humans on this planet Claire Yee. Claire has been a student of mine for well over two years, and it has been such an honor and a delight every time I see her show up on one of those live Q&A calls, whether it was back in the day when she was an A-lister or now inside the Launch Lounge.

Salome Schillack (00:38):
Claire has built more than one successful business. But the thing that I love most about Claire is her beautiful, warm, welcoming smile, the incredibly beautiful way that she just speaks to every single person in the community and her wisdom, her knowledge. She really is like the mother to all of us inside the Launch Lounge and it's no wonder that she is our resident mindset coach.

Salome Schillack (01:14):
I want to share Claire's magic with you all and just to serve as a little bit of an intro, I'm going to read you her bio, but just know that these words are not enough to sum up who Claire Yee is. Claire's a mindset coach who has taught thousands of expecting parents over the past decade to bring their babies into the world with love, confidence, and empowerment. She loves supporting women to discover the strength and magnificence of who they truly are so that their life becomes a reflection of their heart's desire. Everything about that just gels so well with my vision and mission in life and so it is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you a tiny little bit of Claire magic, and I know you're going to love Claire just as much as I do as we talk about ways that you can navigate fear and reclaim your personal power in this journey of building your online courses business.

Salome Schillack (02:23):
Giving up your time and freedom to make money is so 2009. Hi, I'm your host Salome Schillack and I help online course creators launch, grow and scale their businesses with Facebook and Instagram ads so that they can make more money and have an even bigger impact in the world. If you are ready to be inspired to dream bigger launch sooner and grow your online business faster, then tune in because you are ready to shine and this is The Shine Show.

Salome Schillack (02:57):
Claire, thank you so much for being here with me today and thank you for being the mindset mother of all mothers, mother of dragons, mother of mindset for all of our beautiful Launch Lounge students. I'm so lucky to have you in my community and on the show today.

Claire Yee (03:17):
Oh, thank you so much for having me. I'm just so excited and so overjoyed to be here. Can't wait to do this.

Salome Schillack (03:26):
So anyone listening to the show today who is perhaps feeling frustrated, feeling scared, feeling confused, feeling like they're being pulled in thousands of different directions, I'm trying to think about how all the feelings I had when I had to learn to trust my intuition and follow my heart in business. Anyone who feels any of those feelings is going to get so much value out of today because we're going to talk about really how to hear the voice inside, right, and tap into it. So before we dive into that, just tell everyone a little bit, who's new to you. Just tell everyone a little bit who you are, what your story is and how did you come to be the mindset coach for online course creators.

Claire Yee (04:16):
Thank you. So I always think, where do I start? Who am I?

Salome Schillack (04:24):
You have reinvented yourself so many times.

Claire Yee (04:27):
I know it's always ... Okay. Let's start there then. So all at the same time, it was the year 2008. I did my life coaching training. I became a mother and I started my spiritual journey. They all triggered each other off well maybe not so much becoming a mother, but it wasn't planned ahead.

Salome Schillack (04:47):
That's just triggering.

Claire Yee (04:54):
Yeah but working, going on all of those journeys all at the same time, stretched me in so many beautiful and challenging ways and building a business, being an entrepreneur and then also being a mother and having all of the experiences of a mother and how to look after this child and bring them up in a way that they're going to be their best selves in the world. That's always been my main goal as a mother is to always just be bringing them up as their best selves and to do that, I've had to work on how can I be my best self?

Claire Yee (05:44):
I'm not that when I'm not giving to myself when I'm tired and frustrated and stressed. I can't show up in my business and really connect with people properly and share my wisdom and help support others to transform when I'm also not being my best self. And so, that's where the spiritual journey has really supported me throughout all the threads of each area to discover who I am, what is my true voice. Every day, it's an unfolding and a reinvention and I'm discovering more and more about myself each and every day. I love supporting others to do the same.

Salome Schillack (06:32):
So good at it. You are so good at it.

Claire Yee (06:35):
Thank you.

Salome Schillack (06:37):
You have been on this whole online course journey with your own courses and you successfully sold online courses. So how did you pivot from online courses to mindset coaching?

Claire Yee (06:49):
I think, well, mindset coaching has always been a thread in what I've shared and what I've done particularly through the life coaching aspect of it. But, as entrepreneurs, we are the center of our business. We are always there. We've got a choice whether we do it from a space of really shining and showing up as our true selves or really struggling through it and focusing on what's not going right and what's not working. There's always different perspectives and we can be empowered in our choice in that. I think it's always been an integral part of everything that I've done. I don't know that there was a switching point.

Salome Schillack (07:42):
No, I hear you and that's very true. You did HypnoBirthing so I suppose there is always, it's not just in the journey that you discovered and uncovered and leaned into all the spiritual and the mindset things, but it's also in what you were doing that path that you were helping women go on.

Claire Yee (08:04):
Yes. To overcome fear, to listen to their own intuition, to their own voice, to be empowered in their decisions. It's so funny how many parallels there are between birthing and building a business.

Salome Schillack (08:17):
Oh, yes.

Claire Yee (08:20):
It's really fascinating.

Salome Schillack (08:22):
That is very true. That is very true. That horrible first three trimesters where you don't have anything to show for it but you sure feel uncomfortable. Ah! That is true.

Claire Yee (08:40):
And it's a big learning curve. Yeah, there's so many parallels.

Salome Schillack (08:44):
Yeah, when we're building online course businesses, I think anyone who is automatically attracted to building a business or somebody who is a creator by nature and I want to say, I think there's very few people who are not creators by nature. I think there's very few people who truly don't want to create or don't feel they're creative. But for us uber creatives who must start a business, who must give our gifts to other people, who must teach what we've learned and then we discover this magic of online courses, but we also come into it with this paradigm of what we learned in school, what our parents passed on to us, our definition of success, our definition of what's the right way to live, what's other people, how do we learn to just breathe and even begin to know where our intuition lies and how to trust it? How to trust it I think is a whole another thing, but how do we even begin to tap into it?

Claire Yee (10:06):
Oh, I love that question. So it's really a practice and life's experiences allow us the opportunity to practice. And so, really the first step, I suppose is awareness, becoming aware of how am I operating right now, feeling into what is that feeling and if it's a feeling that feels constrictive, intense, and you're going in the downward spiral, or you're just spinning, usually it's coming from a place of stress, but it's usually also coming from a place that's the way we've been taught to be whether that was from school or our conditioning growing up, whatever it's past referenced often when it's tense. Not always, we've great past experiences too, but it's referencing who we were previously when we feel really fixed and stuck and frustrated, and can't hear our intuition, monkey mind keeps going around and around. Yeah, it's that practice in that moment of that awareness, how am I feeling? If it's feeling that it's just accepting. Okay. It is what it is not judging it, because that just stuck in it.

Claire Yee (11:27):
Acceptance is the antidote of judgment and taking that breath, giving yourself that love, that compassion in that moment. What do I need right now? Maybe it's yeah, the deep breathing, going outside and just soaking in the fresh air, moving your body, dancing, doing something that really just shifts you out of, or just having a different conversation with yourself in your mind. There's so many ways that we can shift ourselves into a different state back into our beautiful, abundant creative state and that's where we are operating from our true self.

Claire Yee (12:04):
Our true self is our creative space and the more we play with that, it's a duality of the past way that we used to operate and the way that we can still show up. Then there's really that essence that flows through us that fuels our creativity, and as far as hearing it as our intuition, it's often got a real ... when our intuition is talking to us and whether you think of it as your higher self or your soul or however you think of that energy that you truly are, it's that who you are born as and who your potential of who you have come here to be, when you feel that voice within, it feels there's a strength to it.

Claire Yee (12:59):
The more you recognize it and just get curious about, does that voice feel constrictive, and tenses spirally, or does it feel free? Our intuition, our true intuition will always speak to us from a place of freedom and joy and abundance and prosperity and connection with others and with the universe and with nature. There's so much depth and beauty in the frequency of the voice of our intuition.

Claire Yee (13:27):
It's not always easy to hear. It takes practice. It's often that little nudge of thought that you have before the spiraling happens. You know, when you say I knew that. I knew that was going to happen. So when you're aware of it and the more we listen to that, the more we can start to cultivate our ability to hear it and to make our decisions based on it and to allow it to flow into everything we create.

Salome Schillack (13:58):
I love it so much. Yeah. It's that moment where you can go, "Yeah. Actually, I knew this. I knew this," and I guess we build up a fitness with that every time we go, "Oh, actually I knew that was the right way to go and I will trust it more." It's not a journey that you can arrive at. Right? It's a journey that just keeps unfolding.

Claire Yee (14:24):
Absolutely. It's an everyday journey. There's never a place that we get to where we're like, "We're there. We've made it," which is beautiful because then we'd be, I reckon quite bored with life once we got there, you know?

Salome Schillack (14:38):
Yeah. Yeah.

Claire Yee (14:40):
But the more we practice deciphering between what we're hearing and then following that intuition. Then you can look back and you can go, "Was I actually listening to my intuition or did I override it with the way I've been taught to think about things? Did I override it with worry or logic or what I thought was right based on how I was going to please everybody else rather than please myself?" There's so much that plays into the way we've been taught to operate, but we can untangle from that. It's just a daily practice. Any opportunity in the daytime when you need to make a decision, get curious and playful about it.

Salome Schillack (15:27):
Yeah, I love that. Yeah. Sorry, go ahead.

Claire Yee (15:29):
Yeah. I was just going to say in our businesses, it's so empowering to have this ability to listen to our intuition and to make those decisions based on our intuition. What are we going to call our program? What needs to be in our program? What doesn't feel right in our program? What kind of people is this for? Who do I want to bring onto my team? All these decisions that we make in our business, it's such a beautiful spiritual journey if we let it be.

Salome Schillack (15:56):
Yeah and on that journey then, Claire, I feel like that journey develops and evolves and as it develops and evolves, we become more self-sufficient. That's not the right word. I want to say, "We develop the ability to find our comfort in ourselves and not find our comfort and our validation in ourselves and to not need validation externally from either clients, students, mentors, the internet, social media," and we build up stronger boundaries for who we let into our worlds and how we let them into our worlds and that applies into our pricing and it applies into our customer service and it applies into our refund policies and it applies into how we build community and what the values are in those community. It's ironic that the stronger your boundaries then get, the more your business grows.

Claire Yee (17:09):
Yes, and I think what's beautiful about that it's the stronger you get in yourself and who you are and who you are being it's almost like the vibration that you're putting out is so much more enriched when you are following your own intuition, following your own voice, making decisions based on what works for you and creating from that space. You become so magnetic and your offerings become magnetic because people feel the true you and it's like, "I want some of that." When we stand in our empowerment and who we really are it's irresistible.

Salome Schillack (17:55):
Yeah. Yeah. It is. Like anything, when you are starting a new thing and you're learning a new skill, if you're just starting your business and you're still learning all these skills, it's not going to show up in some radical way for you because you're learning the skill. I think the key is it shows up the more action you take, the sooner it shows up. Right?

Claire Yee (18:23):
Yeah. Yeah and it doesn't all show up at once like you're saying. It's in the somebody connects you with this person or you hear that on a podcast and you hear it louder than something else and it goes, "Oh yes, it's that." And so, it's following those bread crumbs and listening to that intuitive voice that draws you towards those things that feel right. Yeah, it can be such a beautiful path in that way.

Salome Schillack (18:55):
There's something that I want to just explore a little bit. Sometimes that means burning down the house. There's the need to distinguish between our fire and our passion and our creativity and our drive and then we build a business from that. Sometimes those businesses can have run their course and we find that we've outgrown a part of it or we just don't want to serve this section of our community anymore or we want to go in a very different direction.

Salome Schillack (19:40):
I think often where I see that battle come into play is where people then have to go, "Yeah, but I love the money that comes in from this other thing." For me, I can definitely say I have so many times held onto things because of money and push down my intuition about it. I can look at that and go, "Yeah, that's a lesson I hope I don't learn again." Maybe I will and maybe I won't but sometimes it can be a challenge to lean into the intuition when the intuition is saying, "Move in a different direction than where the money's coming from."

Claire Yee (20:26):
Yes, because there's the mold isn't there that we have fitted previous versions of ourselves into? There's society's mold. There's the mold of what everyone thinks, who they think we are, but also who we used to think we were and who we used to be. But as we grow and discover more about who we are and our passions and what we're really here to share with the world and our voice, things do shift and change and evolve. That's where yeah, following the intuition isn't always the easiest path. It's often the path that is not as well worn.

Salome Schillack (21:10):
Yeah. It's mostly the path that's not well worn.

Claire Yee (21:15):
Yeah, but if you look at the people who have really created beautiful change in the world and in ways that really change the world, transform the way we live, they don't follow the path. They don't fit into the mold.

Salome Schillack (21:31):
Oh, yeah. They just trust the thing that's calling them.

Claire Yee (21:36):

Salome Schillack (21:37):

Claire Yee (21:38):
That's where we create the blue ocean offerings, because they're an extension of our uniqueness and nobody else can create that for us. That'll create that in the same way that we do.

Salome Schillack (21:53):
I'm so glad you touched on that because that so clearly answers the there's no competition ever. There's no competition ever. There is just no such thing.

Claire Yee (22:07):
Yeah. I mean, I feel like people can feel like there is when they're trying to just go, "Well, that works for that person so I'm going to do that and fit into that kind of a box," which it's what they think is the right way, but it's not authentically who they are.

Salome Schillack (22:24):

Claire Yee (22:27):
Yeah, and-

Salome Schillack (22:27):
No, go ahead.

Claire Yee (22:27):
When running our businesses from our authentic true selves then yeah, there's no other person like us and there will be the right people that will be drawn to us because of that.

Salome Schillack (22:40):
It will be the right people and I think it's easy to forget that when you're just starting out and you just want anyone. You want anyone to come and work with you, anyone buy my online course or when you get to six figures and you go, "Wow, I've hustled hard for these six figures and I really don't like what I've built," or you get seven figures and you go, "Yeah, this is great and this is not what I signed up for. I want to go and do something else."

Salome Schillack (23:13):
I love that we can distinguish between this passion and fire that we have inside our hearts. The thing that's our gifts and that we teach and the form in which we teach it. Because we often think the money comes from the form, but the money does not come from the form.

Salome Schillack (23:33):
I can tell everyone this. I have seen ... I literally had two clients who sells exactly the same program in exactly the same niche. One of them ran a launch, made a loss, the other one ran a launch and made half a million dollars and their marketing. Okay. The one's marketing skills is better than the other one, but you cannot tell me that that is not possibility that exists in that same realm for the second client. It's just the possibilities in that realm for both of them.

Claire Yee (24:13):
Absolutely. Yeah. I think it's interesting that people that we attract into our world, they will often feel our alignment and feel who we are almost before we even know it for ourselves.

Salome Schillack (24:29):
Yeah, you're right.

Claire Yee (24:30):
And before we've even are ready to announce it to the world, other people are drawn to us because they can see who we are even if we still feel like we are not quite ready to step out just yet.

Salome Schillack (24:42):

Claire Yee (24:43):
Yeah. But that's the magnetism, isn't it?

Salome Schillack (24:46):

Claire Yee (24:46):
It's the magnetism within being at the center of your offering.

Salome Schillack (24:51):
Mm. I love that. I love that. There's value in hearing how your students describe you or hearing how your students say why they're there. Because nine out of 10 times I feel like maybe we buy a course to learn a skill, but we hang around for either a person's warmth or the warmth of the community that they build.

Claire Yee (25:17):
Yeah, and the community they build, it really is an extension of the person that built the community that had that inspiration, followed their own inspiration, their own intuition to build the community in the first place. I look at the Launch Lounge and it's just such a beautiful reflection of you and everything you've created. You've just created the most amazing community and just such a joy to be a part of it.

Salome Schillack (25:45):
Oh, I thank you. I'm like a mama bear over that community and I will say I guess this is a great example. Five years ago I thought my superpower was Facebook ads and then I thought my superpower is marketing and then I thought, "Oh, okay, maybe my superpower is teaching." Today, I know my superpower is identifying potential in very freaking smart women. I am a badass at seeing smart woman and helping them tap into their potential. It's been a journey to get there, but I'm like, "Yeah, I can see I can do that."

Claire Yee (26:29):
Yes. I love that and it is a journey and that's the beauty of just starting where you're at. We don't need to know where we're going in the long run.

Salome Schillack (26:37):
Correct. Yeah.

Claire Yee (26:39):
You knew you had a skill in Facebook ads and you just started that there. Then you grew through that and you developed your next superpower and then your next superpower and each one unlocks the next like a little dominoes.

Claire Yee (26:55):
We don't need to see the final end version of ourselves when we first start. But it's following those breadcrumbs and just doing it. Getting out there, doing it and trying it and yeah.

Salome Schillack (27:16):
You have been such a part of this journey that I've been on because you've been in my community for two years now, more than two years. So I love that you have seen how I went from just talking about Facebook ads to now where I'm at the point where I almost never talk about Facebook ads. I talk more about my marketing and woo woo and just emotions and just our human experience as online course creators. How does someone who feel like they would love to be able to tap into their emotion more in their business? Is there something we can do? What are the questions we can ask ourselves to get curious and what can we do to really practice tapping into our intuition more?

Claire Yee (28:14):
Yeah. The first step is just really that practice of awareness and how does it feel? How is my body feeling? What are the emotions? Are they feeling constrictive, intense, or are they feeling expansive and allowing, and free and joyous? There's obviously the continuum. I like to think of it like a spiral. So you've got at the bottom of the spiral of the tension and the fear and the anxiety. And we do go up and down the spiral a lot in our businesses and some things we need to do. We just need to get over the fear, which we can talk about another time.

Claire Yee (28:53):
But when we're making decisions and following those breadcrumbs, it's really tuning in with how the body's feeling, the emotions. Emotions are energy in motion. They're speaking to us and the constrictive feelings are often those ones, if it's feeling constrictive, the decision, it's a good sign it's not aligned with your highest path.

Claire Yee (29:22):
If the decision to you feels when you feel into the decision and feel what that would create in your life and for the lives of others, if that feels really expansive and you feel relaxed and you're just breathing more deeply when you feel into it and your shoulders just relax, or you feel little heart flutters or bubbles of joy, that everyone senses it in a different way and the more we play around with it, the more we can fine tune our sense of it. That's where we just have this knowing that that's right. It's like, "I know that this is right."

Claire Yee (30:02):
There's a strength in your voice when you share it with others. It's like, "I know that this is my next step." It's not, "This could be my next step, but I'm not really sure and what about this or what about that?" We're not analyzing and questioning and it's just following that abundant knowing feeling. Does that make sense in the way I describe it just now?

Salome Schillack (30:29):
It does. It does. The abundant knowing, it makes total sense. It's you already know what you want.

Claire Yee (30:38):
Yeah, you do. And sometimes it's just taking the space to listen to it.

Salome Schillack (30:45):
Yeah. I was stuck on something a while ago and I have two business besties. They've both been on the podcast, Maria in Germany and Tony. They both said to me, "Just what do you want? What do you want? Just what do you want?" And I went, "Oh, I've been so stuck thinking about what I didn't want that I forgot that. To choose what I want. And I feel like our intuition sets in that wall of sometimes we forget that it's even an option. Leaning to what we want. Right? What we want.

Claire Yee (31:24):
Yeah, and it's often the thinking. When we're overthinking things, that's when we get stuck and it's that analyzing and thinking and that has its place, but listening, the intuition isn't in the head thinking, analyzing.

Salome Schillack (31:38):
No, it's not.

Claire Yee (31:40):
The intuition comes from a space within it. It can be the heart. It can be in the core. For me, it's like, I feel it in the core of my body and it comes from this inner internal core space rather than this thinking kind of space.

Salome Schillack (31:57):

Claire Yee (31:57):
Yeah, and when you just breathe, just a simple practice of breathing into your belly, expanding your belly, settling your central nervous system so you can feel it. What do I want? What feels right?

Salome Schillack (32:14):
Yeah. Yeah. What feels right? What do I want? I love that. I love that so much. Claire, if anybody wants to learn more about the work that you do, where can they find out about you?

Claire Yee (32:26):
So they can go to claireyee.com or motherglow.co.

Salome Schillack (32:31):
Oh, I love that mother glow.

Claire Yee (32:34):

Salome Schillack (32:35):
Oh, that's beautiful. Dot co just .co.

Claire Yee (32:37):
Yes. That's right.

Salome Schillack (32:40):
Oh, fantastic. Claire, you are a rock for me. You are a rock for the Launch Lounge students and I am just so lucky to have you as our guide along this path. So thank you so much for everything you give to the Launch Loungers and thank you for what you give to me and to everyone else. I have loved being part of your journey and I'm so grateful you're part of mine.

Claire Yee (33:03):
Oh, likewise. Thank you. I'm just so grateful to be a part of your world and a part of everything you create.

Salome Schillack (33:09):
Oh, fantastic. The best is yet to come.

Claire Yee (33:13):

Salome Schillack (33:14):

Claire Yee (33:16):
I love it.

Salome Schillack (33:17):
I'm so glad I could share even just this tiny little bit of Claire Yee with you guys. I have grown to love Claire like a sister. She's my sister on the other side of the ditch and for my American friends that means she's in New Zealand. We call that little piece of ocean between Australia and New Zealand, the ditch.

Salome Schillack (33:38):
So Claire shows up inside the Launch Lounge every other week and she is truly one of the cornerstones of what I would consider the success of the Launch Lounge and why so many women online course creators come to the Launch Lounge to really find a safe place where they can get support, mastermind, become friends with people who are like-minded, unpack their joys and sorrows and get all the support from the tactical like, "What the F do I do with my Facebook ads that are falling flat?" All the way to "I've lost my mojo. How do I get it back?" That's where Claire really shines.

Salome Schillack (34:26):
If you are one of those women and you're looking for a home, you're looking for a place where you can mastermind and hang out and get all the knowledge, all the training, but also the emotional support and the tactical support, then I want to invite you to come and join us inside the Launch Lounge. If you go to shineandsucceed.com/launch, get your name on the waitlist for the next time we open the doors to the Launch Lounge because you will know if you need to be there. You will know if this is your family and I would love to welcome you in.

Salome Schillack (35:05):
Of course, because it's a monthly membership, there is never any obligation. You can come and if it's not your jam, you get to go a month later. So if you are interested in getting your name on the waitlist, go to shineandsucceed.com/launch. Have a wonderful week. Bye.

Salome Schillack (35:32):
Thank you so much for listening. If you had fun, please come back next week and remember to hit that subscribe button so you never miss a thing.