152. How To Instantly Create More Freedom In Your Business

19 Apr 2022 | By Salome Schillack

Have you really been able to create freedom for yourself in your business?

You gave up that stable corporate job to pursue a freer life….but you're still bogged down by mundane things; you're still stressing about money; some of the people you have to deal with day-to-day STILL suck. 

Where is this freedom you signed up for? 

Let's take a few steps back. What does freedom mean to you? Is your idea of freedom spending the rest of your life drinking Pina Coladas on the beach and doing nothing? 

Sorry to burst your bubble. That ain't freedom!

Freedom in the entrepreneurial sense is waking up every morning and deciding what your world will look like. It's choosing to spend your time building something you love and fuels your fire rather than slaving away and creating someone else's dream. It's deciding how your time is spent each day (and yes, SOME of it may be spent sitting on the beach drinking cocktails).

Tomorrow, if you decided all of this was too hard, you could switch off your emails and head back to your corporate job.

And that in itself is freedom. You have the freedom to choose!

If you're not feeling very free in your business, it's time to delve deeper and understand exactly what freedom means to you. 

This week on the Shine Show, I'm taking you behind the doors of The Launch Lounge, where a beautiful moment between some of our exceptional students took place on a coaching call. Let me tell you firsthand that there is nothing more inspiring than seeing online course creators bonding over the challenges and the joys of building a business. 

I've seen online course creators make a ton of money and still not feel free. Until you properly understand what freedom means for you, you'll never experience the soul-filling, joy-inducing freedom you deserve!

So tune in now and be inspired by this truly magical moment from behind The Launch Lounge doors.



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Hello everyone. And welcome to episode number 152 of The Shine Show. Today, we're going to talk about how to instantly create more freedom in your business. And today's podcast episode is a recording from a 12 minute clip from a conversation that happened inside our membership, inside the launch lounge. And right after the intro, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about it, and then we'll kick it off. Giving up your time and freedom to make money is so 2009. Hi, I'm your host Salome Schillack and I help online course creators launch, grow, and scale their businesses with Facebook and Instagram ads so that they can make more money and have an even bigger impact in the world. If you are ready to be inspired, to dream bigger, launch sooner, and grow your online business faster, then tune in because you are ready to shine. And this is The Shine Show.

Well, welcome to the episode. Okay. Today's is a little bit different. Someone who is a member of the launch lounge, I won't say her name because I haven't asked her permission to use her name, shared quite vulnerably and quite honestly, in the community that she hasn't yet gotten to the place in her business, where her business creates the freedom for doing other things and that kick started a whole long thread. And then, a coaching conversation on one of our live calls about creating freedom for ourselves in our businesses and in our lives. And it challenged me a little bit because I am thinking a lot as I build a business that is more founded on female power, female power structures, maybe I shouldn't say female, maybe I should say feminine. Feminine power structures and feminine ways of building systems. And just a more feminine way of being in the world. As opposed to the status quo, which is the more masculine male dominated, all the male supremacy and things that were invented by the dudes that keep the dudes in power that does not serve the world anymore.

That does not serve women or men anymore. It does not serve minorities. It does not serve anymore. And my way of protesting I guess, is by not protesting. My way of protesting is by creating things the way I want to see them in the world. So I've been reading, listening, and thinking a lot about how we use marketing. How we talk about making money, how we build teams, how we build businesses, how we spend our time, how we spend our money, all the things that are so automatic and come so naturally in a specific way, because it's the Kool-Aid we've been drinking for so long. So I'm trying to challenge myself on that and this conversation about freedom, the question, have you really been able to create freedom for yourself in your business yet? Challenged me. So we had this conversation that unfolded inside the launch lounge.

And I want to invite you in to have a listen, to kind of be a fly on the wall to a semi-private conversation. It is a private conversation whenever we come together in the launch lounge because we're a safe space. I am making a lot of people vulnerable and sharing some thoughts that they shared in a safe space, but I'm sharing it with you because I know it's safe. I'm sharing with you because I believe it will add much value to you and I'm sharing it with you because I want you to see how incredible it is when you surround yourself with the right people and the right community. There's a little disclaimer, little warning sign that I have to put up. I have a potty mouth. I try to keep it clean on the podcast for the most time, because just like I teach my kids not to swear, I also don't believe it's proper to walk around in the streets where people are strangers, swearing.

But when you get to know me and you get to love me, you discover that I am quite fond of expressing myself quite strongly and in a colorful way. And I'm sure if you're here listening to the podcast, you already know that. But when I watched this clip back, I was a little bit like, "Oh snap, can I put that on the podcast? With my potty mouth and my strong opinions." But I'm choosing to do that because you love me. And I love you. And if I'm not your cup of tea, then you can hang out somewhere else. But I did just want to put this little disclaimer on. So if you have little ones nearby, maybe now's a good time to pop the headphones on because there's some colorful language that we have in this clip.

All right. Well, I hope you enjoy this. I would love to hear your thoughts on this conversation. Head over to Instagram and find me I'm Salome.Schillack and it'll be linked in the show notes and come and tell me what you think about this conversation. Enjoy.

Did you guys read post? I was reading it and I thought, damn she has really called me on selling freedom. Who feels like they have freedom in their business? Who would like... Like, Lucy? Yeah. Okay. Anyone else? Lauren, a little bit. Yeah, I'll do the same as Lauren.

Depends on the day.

Depends on the day. Depends on the day. [crosstalk 00:06:41]

Not very much. I'm completely tied to the business at this moment, but after the launch, I'll have some freedom.

Yeah. And I also want to acknowledge [Luce 00:06:50], that I think you're naturally inclined to hold things quite loosely. I think it's one of your strengths, you're not an anxious anxiety driven hustler mat. Am I right?

I mean, I have sent out in the last few days, which is a hundred percent your fault, like a thousand video messages. I would say I'm a control freak. I am learning. And honestly, through your tutelage, how to let things, how to just be okay. Because six launches ago, yesterday would've completely wrecked me. I would've been like, "I'm not doing this anymore. I'm just going to pick up more speech students. I can't deal with this. This is too stressful," but I do have definitely a more go with the flow. I'm also the group extrovert. I always said, I think Tanya is the only other one that might be with me. But I'm the group extrovert.

Probably. And can I just... I'm married to the biggest extrovert on the planet and my best friend is always like, I've always attached myself to the biggest extrovert because I'm such an introvert. I'm just like those fishes that attaches themselves under the shark. And I just let the extrovert do all the work and I go with. Anyway, that's not what we're talking about. I want to say to this freedom thing, it kind of cut me to the core a little bit because I go, we're in the process of launching [A-lister 00:08:14]. And one of my biggest promises in there is you want freedom. And I think we need to talk about freedom because when I started, I wanted freedom from the decade that I was working for. Do I have that? All day long, I am completely free from being employed ever again.

I can, 100% say I will never be employed by anyone ever again. Completely free. Do I have financial freedom? Yes I do. I make enough money that if my husband stopped earning money today, we'll need to downgrade our home. We'll need to downgrade our spending. We'll need to downgrade our holidays. We'll need to downgrade our luxuries. We'll need to pull our kids from private school, but will we be okay? Hell yes. We'll be fine. We'll be perfectly fine. So there's freedom. Do I feel free every single moment of every day in my business? No, I don't. Sometimes you just got to do things that suck and that doesn't feel like freedom. Sometimes I have to have conversations with imbeciles and that sucks. And I'm trying to imbecile free my life, but I'm not free of it yet. Not free of it yet, but I'm working on it. I'm working on it and I can see myself growing more into it.

So the question about freedom, I will never, ever be as miserable as I was when I was working a full-time job for someone else. That miserability is gone. I don't stress about money. I have enough evidence that I can create money. Honestly, I genuinely have confidence in my ability to create money. I don't stress about money. My husband still stresses about money because he is an employee and he has an employee mindset. And he's like, he has like diseased employee mindset about money. I don't because there's like, "Oh, we want that thing. Okay. I'm going to have to make that money." I can make money. I know I'm empowered to make money and there's freedom in that. But I do want you guys to know that there's the promise of freedom and then there's the freedom that is inside us all along. And those are two different things and you have to be free inside first, but there's also a degree of external freedom that comes. All right. That's my.

Can I speak to that for a second?


Would that be okay? I think that there's... I love this conversation actually. And I think that there's room in there to define freedom, which might help. Because as somebody who's still chasing this vision that I have, I don't not feel... I feel free because I'm doing what I want to do. I'm not trapped in a company. Somebody tossed me a job the other day. She was like, "You know, you might want to apply to this." And I just took a really close look at it and I loved the description and everything like that, but I was like, "How much are they paying these people? Why would anybody do this work for that little?" And the gap was hundreds of dollars. It was crazy. And I was like, "That's just insane." So there's freedom of choice of how I spend my time and what my world looks like. Even if I haven't achieved this other freedom of not worrying about what things cost. That's a freedom. There's a hope for that freedom.

While I live in a freedom of what world, what life am I choosing to live and how am I spending my time and working with the things that I want to, that I feel passionate about and liking my boss. Because my boss is me.

I have that too. I share that feeling that like, do I have financial freedom? No I don't. But did I have the freedom to walk away from something that was not a good fit for me and make a choice that I'm like, "I can always go back to a corporate gig. I can always make $150,000 a year doing some employee job," or-

Working like a slave, you know?

Or you can just sell some more houses. [crosstalk 00:12:53]

I've just said, [inaudible 00:12:54] that.

And it's not about not having crap in our lives. It's about choosing which crap we get. [crosstalk 00:13:04] And having the choice and being able to say no to it.

Being able to choose our crap. Yeah.

We get to choose our crap.

And I want to add another layer to this. When I started my business, I started it because I wanted to be free from a boss and I wanted to make money. I want to make shit tons of money. And I don't apologize for that. And I still do. I don't feel like I make shit tons of money. I feel like I make a healthy amount of money, but I also pay a lot of salaries. And there was a whole new level of freedom I discovered when I started hiring people and you guys know that my thing is, change the way that women work and earn money in the world. I realized very quickly that building a business is not for everyone. That does not mean that those of us that it is for cannot redefine the model of employment. And I don't think I have it figured out a hundred percent, but you guys can see the smoke on Tanya's face. Tanya is employed, but I want to say she's free. I don't know want to say. Tanya brings like Tanya creates her own real.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And the freedom for me, which is different than sort of aligned but different. I have my own business that I do around Salome's work and she allows me to be me. That's the freedom that I love. Whereas in my job that I had for... I couldn't color my hair. He complained that my car was too fancy. It was just, he wanted me to fit into a box that I didn't want to fit into. And that's why I left. A bit like Salome's moment with her boss, when she decided to leave, it's just if you're not in alignment, don't be there, but you can create your own world, however you want that to be. If it's a part-time job to get you through or to be part of something bigger, there's nothing wrong with that. Whatever works.

And in the spirit of diversity and creating a more feminine world, we have to shift our thinking from how has it always been done to how can we co-create something together that creates freedom for all of us. And that opens a whole new discussion, which that's a whole nother conversation, but I can also tell you guys that Tanya has... So when I hire people, I look for character, I look for skill and I look for character. And how many hours a week did you work when you started?

About five.

Okay. How many hours a week are you working now?

About 30.

I didn't say, "Oh, oh Tanya, I have this..." I didn't... Do you have a job description?

I just do what needs doing. And actually sometimes, like today I've made decisions you don't even know about.

She has.

You know, we just do it.

Because I trust her. Because we share the same vision. We share the same values and I can see in her bringing her whole self to work, that she has something to add that I can never put in a job ad or a job description. I just have to create the space for that magic to be there. Now, Tanya's very flexible and she kind of works with... She just goes with the flow. Some of the other people in my business are not that much. They need the job description they need, but I know that they need it.

Therefore, I constantly give them reassurance that they're doing the right thing and they're doing the right thing and they're doing the right thing and I'm happy. And I have those conversations, but there's a fine balance. I have to make sure there's a fine balance because people do need structure and certainty. Now I can see my vision come to life of changing the way women work and earn money. And I can start saying, "Well, we are developing some kind of an example here of how people do not have to fit into the corporate box in order to make money in this online courses world, without starting a business." I think that was a delicious tangent. Thank you very much.

I think this would make an amazing podcast or three.

I really hope that inspired you. It was wonderful for me watching it back again and you know how you live through a moment and then when you see it again, recorded like that, there's even more things that you take away from it. And I took away so much more even just after listening to it again. In those moments where we are all having... We're communing, where sharing community and bonding with each other over the challenges and the joys of building online courses businesses. That is magic, that is just pure, pure magic. That's what I live for. It's those moments of human connection we have inside a membership like the launch lounge, where we can vulnerably say that, "Some days I don't feel like I have freedom," and other days say, "Well, I'm so glad I have the freedom to create this thing."

So whatever it is that you took away from that clip today. I mean, there's so much, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a direct message on Instagram, I'm Salome.Schillack and it'll be hooked up in the show notes. Send me a direct message and tell me which part of that clip really got you. Because there are so many, and I know somewhere in there is something that you would've connected with and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week. Take care. Bye. Thank you so much for listening. If you had fun, please come back next week and remember to hit that subscribe button so you never miss a thing.