52. How She Did It - Donna Mavromates Shares How She Built Her Massively Successful Evergreen Funnel - Shine and Succeed
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52. How She Did It - Donna Mavromates Shares How She Built Her Massively Successful Evergreen Funnel

19 May 2020 | By Salome Schillack

I could not be prouder of my friend Donna Mavromates.

Not just because she gets to go on boat cruises, sip Pina Coladas and watch as the money rolls in on autopilot...

But because of the hard work, clever marketing strategies and her willingness to learn from the data.

In only three short years, she has taken her online course launch from ‘meh’ to amazing!

Today she has a very successful evergreen webinar that delivers sales to her (almost) every day on autopilot.

In today’s episode, Donna shares the ups and downs of that journey and how her mindset has been the key to discovering how to build this evergreen success. 

You can listen to today’s episode by clicking the link above.

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