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71. How To Fill Your Quiz Funnels Effectively With Facebook and Instagram Ads

29 September 2020 | By Salome Schillack

Hey there, Shine Show listener! A quick question for you today:

Are you...

1. An expert in creating and advertising quizzes for your online business.

2. Still learning, but with some great ideas floating around.

3. Completely new to the whole thing - help!!

Well, today's your lucky day. This episode is all about how to create a great quiz for your online business potential customers (hello, list building!) and how to advertise it on Facebook and Instagram with success.

I've taken care of ALL my different kinds of learners today, so not only can you hear me teach you all about it within this episode but you can also download a freebie PDF to guide you through visually!

Download the guide for free at www.shineandsucceed.com/quizfreebie

Quizzes are all the rage right now and for good reason: they're so fun. If you can figure out exactly what your target demographic wants to learn about themselves, then a quiz can be an amazing asset for your business.

Are you thinking of making a quiz? I don't want you to find your way into any quiz pitfalls in creating and advertising your quiz, so listen in to this week's episode to hear the potential pitfalls and what you can do to get it right. I'll break it all down for you inside this episode so you know exactly what to do.


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Salome Schillack (00:00):

Hello, and welcome to episode number 71 of The Shine Show. And today on the show, I'm going to share with you how to fill your quiz funnels effectively with Facebook and Instagram ads. And there's a freebie for you to download that goes along with this episode, and you can get it by going to shineandsucceed.com/quizfreebie, that's shineandsucceed.com/quizfreebie. Let's jump in and learn all about creating effective quiz funnels with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Giving up your time and freedom to make money is so 2009. Hi, I'm your host Salome Schillack, and I help online course creators launch, grow, and scale their businesses with Facebook and Instagram ads so that they can make more money and have an even bigger impact in the world. If you're ready to be inspired, to dream bigger, launch sooner and grow your online business faster, then tune in because you are ready to shine. And this is The Shine Show.

I just love a good quiz, whether it is which Disney princess am I? Mulan, by the way, who is not a princess, she's a warrior. Or what my IQ is. Or one of those ones that tells you what your actual body age is instead of your real age. I took one of those the other days, turn out I'm 40. I'm also really 40. But I love a quiz because it's fun and it speaks to our curiosity and it makes you go, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, I want to know, I want to know. And there's something playful and fun and creates kind of a feeling of fear of missing out, FOMO, when we see a quiz and we want to know the answer, which one am I. But one of the biggest mistakes that I see online course creators make when they build quizzes for lead magnets or list building is that they base the quiz on the different categories or different ideal customers that they have in their business.

So for example, I have clients in the agency and the problem that I solve for them is I help them double the results in their launch and scale their business. Then I have students inside the Launch Lounge, who's there to learn how to create their first profitable online course launch. And then I have A-listers students who wants to learn how to build a lucrative audience. So three different segments. And what I could do is I could create a quiz that asks something along the lines of what is the right next step for me to succeed with Facebook ads. The problem with that though, is that my ideal customer does not go to bed at night with the pain point, feeling pain about whether they should hire an agency, whether they should learn how to create their first profitable launch, or whether they should build their audience.

And so the big mistake that I see quiz creators make is that they build a quiz based on the different categories they have in their business, or based on the different customer avatars that they see. And while that's not a bad place to start, where most people get it wrong is that they never stopped to ask themselves, is this an actual problem that my customer wants to solve? So what I see is quizzes like what is your brand personality or which business model is right for you? And then when people run ads to these quizzes that don't convert because it's too vague and it's too broad. And not many people go to bed feeling really, really worried about what their brand personality is or what their brand 80s persona is. That just doesn't work that well when you're running ads.

So when a quiz is done well, the messaging is built around a question that our ideal customer is already curious about, experiencing pain over, and keen for a quick diagnosis. Quizzes that work well use messaging that addresses the desires and the curiosities that their ideal customer already has. And the quiz title is where you absolutely have to nail the thing that your ideal customer is grappling with. The results and the outcome, they can then classify people according to different ways you help people. People don't mind how you classify them in the results as long as you are solving a problem or helping them diagnose a problem that they are already grappling with.

So I found a few really good examples of quizzes that does this really well. The first one is from Stephanie May Wilson. And this is a quiz for young Christian women who are single and looking for Mr. Right. And her quiz is simply, Are You Ready to Meet Your Future Husband? I love that. That's great because anyone grappling with that question is going to see that headline in an ad and go, Oh, I want to know if I'm ready because I feel ready but then sometimes I don't feel ready, but then I'm really ready and I can't wait to meet him, but then I don't know if I'm ready because he hasn't appeared yet. And so that's the question they are grappling with already. It's something that's already, they're going to bed wondering about this.

I also found one by Denise Duffield-Thomas that I really liked. And that is called, What Is Your Money Personality. Now for Denise's audience who are women who are entrepreneurial and a little bit woo-woo, this hits home straight away because Denise is a money mindset coach and she teaches people how to manage their money mindset. And so her quiz, what is your money personality is something that her audience will already they'll resonate with it. Maybe not straight off the bat from reading this ad headline cold, but when they read a little bit more about this quiz that's going to help me as a female entrepreneur identify which money personality I have so that I can address the right money blocks and overcome the right limiting beliefs in order to then start creating money in my business is something that is going to resonate really well with her audience.

Another one I found that I loved is Whitney McNeill. I've had her on the show talking about the results that she got in her quiz. Her quiz is called, What's Your Intuitive Type. Now, anyone who is wondering if their intuition is right, and if they should trust it, and anyone who has ever felt like they have a strong connection to their intuition, but is kind of playing with that in that space where I'm not quite sure if this is intuition, or if I'm just making this up in my head or what is happening because I kind of feel these strong feelings and I get these strong thoughts. But is it my intuition or what is this that's going on inside me? They're already wondering about that. So, that's another great one.

And then there's one, one of my students is running Kimberly Samson. Her quiz is simply called, Is It A Midlife Crisis? And women who are in midlife phase who are feeling anxiety or depression or it's how kids are leaving home, whose life is quickly changing. For them this is something that they wonder about. Is It A Midlife Crisis, help them identify whether these feelings that they're feeling is actually a midlife crisis, or if it's something else. This is something they're already wondering about.

And then last, I couldn't leave this out. I was looking for a great practical example of a good quiz in the kind of the marketing space, because it's in, usually I find it's in marketing and business coaching where we get these quizzes wrong, because it's not an emotional problem that we're looking to solve. So, when your business or your niche results in people making money, it's often harder to come up with a good quiz than when it is something like an emotional payoff like, am I right to meet Mr. Right? Or what is my intuitive type?

So I find that business coaches, marketing coaches, people who sell marketing courses have a bit of a tougher time coming up with really good quizzes. But I found this one by Jon Loomer. And I thought this was really great. It is, it doesn't say it doesn't call it a quiz. It just says, Taste Yourself. How much do you know about Facebook Ads? And what I love so much about this is that he didn't call it the how much do you know about Facebook Ads quiz. The way that he framed it, Test Yourself. How much do you know about Facebook Ads? It's kind of challenging immediately.

I go, Oh, come on, Loomer, bring it. I want to taste myself. I want to prove to you how much I know. And then you take the quiz and you go, Oh, okay. Yeah. Maybe I can brush up on this. Maybe I can brush up on that. And that thing, I have no idea what he's talking about. Or maybe you take the quiz and you go, Oh, I actually don't know anything about this. And I definitely need to then learn more. I thought that was so clever. So well done Mr. Loomer, that's a great quiz.

So the thing that all of these great quiz titles have in common is that they address a conversation that is already happening in the mind of that ideal customer. So now that we know how to create a title and how to position a quiz in a way that people really want to know the answer to your quiz so that your ads will do really well when you run them to cold audiences. Now the question becomes, okay, how do I set up and manage ads for my quiz in a way that brings in good leads and that allows me to really scale it once it takes off. And this is where I want to share with you two different strategies in how you can set up your ads for quizzes. And the reason it's different from setting up a regular lead magnet is because of the place where the conversion happens when you set up a quiz ad.

So I've created a resource for you. It's actually a resource that we are handing out as monthly content inside of the Launch Lounge. And so I'm giving you this behind the scenes access to one of the resources inside the Launch Lounge, and you can download it by going to shineandsucceed.com/quizfreebie, that's shineandsucceed.com/quizfreebie. And everything that I'm about to share with you, you can go and read it again here because talking about it, it can be tricky especially maybe if you're driving. I just want you to sit down and read through it and see it visually so that you know exactly how to set up the ads for your quiz successfully.

There's a challenge that we have when we run ads with quizzes. And before I can explain the challenge to you that we have with quizzes, I need to remind you how we set up ads for a normal lead magnet. We have the ad, and once people see the ad, they click on the ad to go to the landing page. And then they read the landing page and they click on the call to action button to add their email address. They then add their name and their email address. And once they hit submit, they then see a thank you page. Now we can tell Facebook that we want Facebook to give us conversions. And that just means that we want Facebook to put our ad in the newsfeed of people who are most likely to end up on our thank you page, because when they're on our thank you page, then we know they have converted, we have collected an email address and we have a new lead.

So remember that, the conversion happens when they go to the thank you page. And for a regular lead magnet, there's only basically three steps. They go from ad to landing page to thank you page. Three steps, the conversion is done. It's super easy and simple. However, if you think about a quiz and you think about how we would run an ad to that. We have the ad and then the ad goes to the landing page where they can read more about why they want to take this quiz. And then they click on the button that says, take the quiz. Now that they've clicked on the button to take the quiz, they go to quiz page number one, and they make their selection. That takes them to quiz page number two, where they make a selection, which takes them to quiz page number three, where they make a selection and so on and so forth.

And so they move through the quiz page by page, by page, making their selections until they get to the very last page where you say, fantastic, thank you for taking my quiz. If you want to get the results, please put your email address in here. And then they add their email address. And finally, they get to a thank you page. Now, what this means is the conversion happened multiple pages deep. They had to go from page to page, to page, to page, to page, to page, to page before they were given the opportunity to add their email address. And then only some of them will have put their email address in, in order to get the quiz results. And if you set up your quiz so that you give them the results before they give you an email address, you are even less likely to get that conversion because why would they now give you their email address if you've already given them the results?

So please keep the results behind the gate. We call it a gate, but what I mean by that is keep the results at the other end of them giving you their email address, especially if you're going to spend money on ads. So hopefully now you can see the difference between how we move from page to page when we are running normal lead magnet ads, versus how we move from page to page, to page and have that conversion multiple pages deep when we're running a quiz ad, because this affects how we set up the ad.

Now, when you do set up the ad and you go into create that custom conversion, your custom conversion is always going to be based on your thank you page URL, because a conversion by definition is a lead. And a lead is when they have given you their email address.

So now when we go and set up the ads, we can set it up in one of two ways, you can either set it up as conversion ads, which means you're telling Facebook, you want Facebook to put your ad in the newsfeed of people who are most likely to go through the entire quiz and give you their email address. And this is effectively what you want to do, but because people are going to come into your quiz and you're going to lose people along the way as they traveled down from page to page, to page, you're going to need enough people to come into the quiz and go all the way through the quiz and convert and give you their email address in order for the algorithm to fully optimize. So for the algorithm to be able to say, Oh, Oh, okay, I see what a conversion looks like. I see what a lead looks like for this ad. I have enough data here that I can optimize. You're going to need to have enough people come through.

So if you're starting with, let's say $25 a day and that's bringing two or three people all the way through your quiz to the point where they give you their email address. That's not going to be enough people for the algorithm to optimize, and your ads are going to stall. So you're going to need a higher budget then to get more people through that quiz. Now, if you spend $25 and you get 20 people who give you their email address, that's wonderful. And you can then just run your ads as conversion ads through there. And that also means that you probably have a great quiz that your audience loves, and they're really resonating with it.

The other way to set this up and this is the way that if you're a little bit unsure of whether you're going to get those conversions, you're a little bit unsure of whether you have the exact right messaging with the exact right audience is you could set it up as traffic ads. Traffic ads means you're telling Facebook, Facebook, I want you to put this ad in the newsfeed of people who are likely to go to my landing page and click on my landing page, the first page. And now what you're going to do is you're going to need to trust that your marketing message is good enough that if Facebook brings thousands of people to your landing page, that at least majority of them are going to make it through your quiz and a good deal of them will then opt in to join your email list.

When you are running traffic ads, however, you are not guaranteed to get as many conversions as you would if you optimize for conversions, but traffic ads are cheaper than conversion ads. So you could start with a lower budget. You could start with $10 or $20 a day and just see what happens when you bring traffic through that funnel. If you get some conversions and it's working, then I would say, all right, increase the budget and run it as conversion ads. So, that's an easy way to get started.

And a hot tip that I have for you is on the page where you invite people to give you their email address in order to get their results, put a video of yourself there. People are far more likely to give you their email address if they've seen your face, they've looked into your eyes, they've heard your voice. So those nonverbal cues are there and you build know, like, and trust factor with them. And then they will give you their email address and they will start engaging with you on your email list.

Now what's your quiz ad is up and running, and you're happy with the results, I want to share with you a little bit more advanced strategy you can play around with. Let's pretend for a moment that I was a dog breeder, and I had a quiz that helped you decide what type of dog breed is right for you and your family. I might have you go through my quiz and end up with option number one, a Shih Tzu. And the results is because we just want to cuddle day. That's what I want. Or I could say your perfect dog breed is a Cavalier. And it could be because we want to cuddle and we want to go for walks. Or third option could be a Jack Russell, because we want a small dog with lots of energy. Number four could be a Collie, because we wanted a dog that can go on runs with us. Option five could be a Dalmatian because they're so pretty and they'll keep the kids busy. And option number six could be a Labrador Retriever because we have a lot of space and we want a lot of dogs.

So based on everyone's different needs, I take them through a quiz and each one lands on a different results page. Because I know that each of my people are going to go to a different results page, I can create a custom audience for each of my dog breeds. So I can have my Shih Tzu audience, my Cavalier audience, my Jack Russell audience, my Collie audience, my Dalmatian audience, and my Labrador Retriever audience. And each of these audiences can then be retargeted with information that are specific to either that breed or maybe the size of that dog. But now I know, let's say I sell an online course for how to train your Labrador Retriever to play dead. I can put that in front of them. Or if I teach a course specifically to how to calm down your hyperactive Jack Russell, I put that specifically in front of my Jack Russell audience.

And because people are seeing content that is so personalized and so true to where they're at and what their needs are, that makes it so much easier for me to then bring them down my funnels, bring them into my world and put relevant content in front of them when I have something to sell or when I have something to share with them that builds that ongoing relationship with them.

So now it's over to you. If you are playing around with the idea of creating a quiz, I want you to put that in an Instagram post and tag me in it or send it to me via the DMs. Let me know what your quiz is because I want to see all the amazing examples of quizzes you guys are creating. And then I want to see how you're running your ads to them. I am looking for examples of a really good quiz ads that I can share with our students. So tag me in Instagram, if you have a knockout quiz running and you are getting leads galore.

And if you're just getting started, make sure you go to shineandsucceed.com/quizfreebie, download the freebie that I've created for you. And you'll have the step-by-step guide to getting started with running ads for your quiz. That's all for me today. I will see you again next week. I hope you have a lovely, lovely week. Take care. Bye.

Thanks so much for listening. If you had fun, please come back next week and remember to hit that subscribe button so you never miss a thing.