137. Best of the Best from The Launch Lounge Live Sessions

04 Jan 2022 | By Salome Schillack

Wondering exactly what happens behind closed Launch Lounge doors? It’s a heck of a lot of fun, but also a heck of a lot of amazing, hard work being poured in by course creators building incredible businesses. 

This week on The Shine Show, we've taken the best of the best snippets of our weekly support calls; it's seriously the audio version of liquid gold.

As part of The Launch Lounge, we give our students the room to be fully supported, to have space to grow, lean in, ask for help and troubleshoot problems with marketing experts. We found that many of our students all face the same challenges when launching. When you have the opportunity to watch one person turn a challenge into a celebration, it's insanely valuable to your business growth as it's a problem you'll likely encounter at some stage. 

Today you'll be hearing from Facebook Ads specialist Amy Wyhoon, the Queen of ad tech, troubleshooting the glitchy fun that Facebook can bring and shedding light on what types of ads work best in different scenarios. 

Next up, resident copywriter Erin Boutros delves into the magical power of words. How can a few simple tweaks of your language skyrocket your results? 

Next, you'll hear from Claire Yee as she delves into tapping to manage all the stress running an online business can bring. Stick with us here; I promise it's not woo woo. It works so well for many people to remain calm and release all that internal negativity that so often holds us back.

Last but not least, Louise Griffiths, our Chief Marketing Officer, and launch specialist dives right into launch planning. How do all the components of your funnel work together? How can you make the most of strategic timing to better your results? Lou's your gal!

I know you will love these highlight reels, and you'll walk away with a whole heap of new ideas and strategies to implement into your own business. 

Get a notepad, you’ll want to take notes!



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Salome Schillack (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to episode number 137 of The Shine Show. Today, I'm going to share with you some snippets of the best of the best live Q&A sessions we have had this year inside The Launch Lounge Membership. I often get asked by listeners or on social media, what exactly happens inside the Launch Lounge, and I hope that today's episode will give you a bit of a broader perspective, that it's not just all about Facebook ads. It is also about mindset, and it is about launch strategy, and of course, there is ads in there as well. Now, while you're listening to this, I will lazily be sipping pina coladas by the pool on an island in the Great Barrier Reef where there is... Well, if there is WI-FI, I'm going to switch my WI-FI off anyway.

Yes, we totally booked that on purpose because I need a break. Once upon a time, I didn't know that I needed downtime to switch off. But, 2021 has reminded me that I need to nurture my mind, I need to nurture my body, and I need to take some time to rest. It's sometimes hard for me to communicate the real depth shared inside our fantastic membership, The Launch Lounge. The topics vary, the channels and the support, and the amazing team of experts at your disposal in the membership, and I want to share this as an example of our understanding of the things that you struggle with.

My team and I know that running an online business is about so much more than just ads. We know it is to do with your mindset. It is about structuring your offers properly and getting your language right. And then, it's about your ads and knowing how to analyze your results. Inside The Launch Lounge, we wrap all this up in one package. Pick and choose what you need. Sometimes you need it all and as your confidence grow, you might need parts of it less. The thing is, we don't know what we don't know. And when you're fully supported, it means you are given the space to discover what you need to know, and then learn to absorb it at your own pace. Maybe for you, that's another community, but wherever you find yourself in business, lean into your support networks and don't be afraid to ask for help. In fact, make a point of asking for help.

I'm going to share with you some snippets from our support calls, and while these answers are in response to particular student questions, I know they will help you too, even if just to open your eyes to the possibility of how to know what you don't know. We start with Amy, getting down into detail to help Lisa with her ads inside the Facebook Ads Manager. If there are lots of new terms you haven't quite master yet, don't let it be overwhelming, but rather be open to the excitement that will come once you master your ads. This type of individual support is available to all our members inside The Launch Lounge, so that challenges are turned into celebrations. And we really do celebrate challenges and setbacks.

In the second snippet, or the second call, we talk copywriting with our very own fabulous, blonde bombshell copywriter, Erin, who's helping one of our students, Michelle, with her email sequence copy. You can hear that the focus is on the "why" rather than the "what" of her offer. Is "dirty" a dirty word? Hear how the use of a word with the same meaning can have such a different impact on your audience. Do you need to tweak some of your language to get better results? And then, we have Claire who introduces our students to the concept of EFT or tapping. I think Claire explains really well what tapping is and why we might want to do it. If you've never heard of tapping, or you think it's way too woo woo for you, then I really suggest you have a listen to what Claire says.

You don't have to tell anyone. I promise it can be our little tapping secret. There are lots of videos on YouTube, which will show you the tapping points and help guide you. It really works for a lot of people to feel more calm and release negativity around certain thoughts and feelings. And finally, we have our very own fabulous Louise. Louise is our own launch manager. She's the CMO, the Chief Marketing Officer of Shine And Succeed, my business. And she is the genius behind all of our online course launches. And this is the perfect example of the way she walks our students through their own programs. If you've ever wondered about the timings of a five day launch, then this value pack chat is for you. Enjoy these snippets from The Launch Lounge, and I will see you when I come back, uber relaxed from some R and R on a tropical island inside the Great Barrier Reef, ready to take on 2022. Enjoy.

Giving up your time and freedom to make money is so 2009. Hi, I'm your host Salome Schillack, and I help online course creators launch, grow, and scale their businesses with Facebook and Instagram ads so that they can make more money and have an even bigger impact in the world. If you are ready to be inspired to dream bigger, launch sooner and grow your online business faster, then tune in, because you are ready to shine and this is The Shine Show.

Amy (06:01):
Try some different ads.

Lisa (06:04):
Okay. So try others that have done well?

Salome Schillack (06:07):
Yeah. Pull out the ones that are doing well, have a look at what they're saying, what they're doing and just, yeah. Try a few different things.

Lisa (06:16):
I've gotten two comments on the whale, but nothing on the bugs. But it looks to me like the whales, the second one, isn't doing as well as the one with the bugs.

Amy (06:25):
Yeah. The bugs is doing better, you can see there's 15 clicks on the bugs as opposed to 4. This is lifetime, so this is as long as you've had it running.

Lisa (06:33):
And is that not [crosstalk 00:06:35] a good number, for engagement?

Amy (06:37):
Look, it's not bad. What was it? Eights cents.

Lisa (06:39):
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Amy (06:39):
And ideally, you want it sort of one to 2 cents per engagement. Obviously, the cheaper the engagement, the better because we don't want to be spending all our money on engagement.

Lisa (06:50):

Amy (06:51):
This is to warm up your audience and to find your audience, to try and test what audiences are going to resonate with, what you do and finding those niche pockets to target your conversion ads too. So, that would be the other thing to look at, is your audiences.

Lisa (07:07):
mm-hmm (affirmative).

Amy (07:07):
And is there a way to change the audience. So if you just want to go to ad sets, we'll have a look at the audience that you're targeting and then just under there, there'll be an edit button.

Lisa (07:17):
And scroll down?

Amy (07:20):
And yep, scroll down. Okay. So we've still got the custom audience in here.

Lisa (07:27):
Oh yeah, forgot I put those in there.

Amy (07:29):
Yeah. So we've got... It's a lookalike that are interested in this. Look it's still a decent audience. I'd be inclined to maybe to take that out, so-

Lisa (07:41):
Which out?

Amy (07:41):
To split it so that you don't have a lookalike layered in, with the interests. So, you're just targeting people that are interested in this.

Lisa (07:51):

Amy (07:52):
Maybe change the age range, cause I'm assuming you are trying to attract mums with kids?

Lisa (07:59):
Yeah, yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Amy (08:00):
Yeah. So change that to mom's. Okay, so women and then think about the age that they would be for the age of the kids that you need.

Lisa (08:11):

Amy (08:11):
So like if I was targeting... I've got an ad running at the moment that's for kids age zero to five.

Lisa (08:17):
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Amy (08:19):
So what age would the mothers be to have kids that age?And then, age eight to 12, what age would they be? And so I would do that, get rid of that and try running it just to the interest based and see if that lowers down your conversion costs or your engagement costs.

Lisa (08:39):
So do I do duplicate this or just start a whole new ad?

Amy (08:42):
Just duplicate it. Yeah.

Lisa (08:44):
Right. And that brings the social proof with it, correct?

Amy (08:47):
Yes. Yeah.

Lisa (08:47):
Okay. All right.

Amy (08:48):
Yeah. So just duplicate it, get rid of that. So you can duplicate it in here. So you would just click on them.

Lisa (08:56):

Amy (08:57):
Yep. And then duplicate.

Lisa (08:59):
Is there a difference between duplicate and quickly duplicate? [crosstalk 00:09:02].

Amy (09:02):
You can do either. Either.

Lisa (09:03):

Amy (09:04):
If you quickly duplicate it, it will literally just duplicate it in here. If you duplicate it, it will ask you if you want to duplicate it into this campaign and you can choose to take it into another campaign.

Lisa (09:15):

Amy (09:15):
So you can go either in this case, because we're just going to leave it in this campaign and just duplicate it, remove that audience and turn it back on.

Lisa (09:25):
Okay. All right.

Amy (09:27):
Try that and see how it goes.

Lisa (09:28):
Mm-hmm (affirmative). All right, that's helpful. Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Amy (09:31):
No worries.

Michelle (09:35):
I was just thinking like Lisa, I'm looking at these going, "Oh, I know I can do better on these". And it's new to me on the timing of how hard to push. So they opt in for my color mixing guide, which is the freebie. And then if they didn't purchase the SLO on the thank you page, this would be the sequence that they would get from that. So I've got to work out the logistics of, if they buy, they don't get these emails, but if they didn't buy, this is leading into the SLO and dropping a little hint that there's a membership as well, but I'm not selling the membership in this six emails.

Erin (10:12):
Right. So this is purely for the SLO. Cool. All right. Do you know what I think would be really cool as part of this? So what exactly is the SLO that you're selling? What is it that they can purchase?

Michelle (10:27):
It's the color breakthrough coaching. There was the sales page that you saw last time, I don't know if you remember that. But there's videos they watched for five days and it really helps them discover their palette, their inspiration, studies. So it's $37. It's pretty cheap.

Erin (10:47):

Michelle (10:48):

Erin (10:48):
Do you happen to have any before and after photos of someone's paintings before and then someone's paintings after?

Michelle (10:56):
I don't think I do because this process kind of walks them through discovering their inspiration and stuff. Yeah. Probably not.

Erin (11:08):
Okay. Do you have just even a picture of someone who's done the SLO and has created a painting afterwards or sent you a photo of their work?

Michelle (11:19):
Yes. I have some students who evolved their palette from it. Yeah.

Erin (11:24):
Yeah. So if you have any photos of artwork that someone's created after doing it, I think that would be a really powerful testimonial, so, "This is the masterpiece that one of my students created after doing the short course". I think the main selling point here is, this is the key from going, as an established artist yourself, this is what will take you from amateur to artist.

Michelle (11:48):

Erin (11:48):
This is the [inaudible 00:11:49] moment, this is the pathway forward. So obviously what comes with that is getting the confidence to paint and the confidence to rely on your own creative skills and hone in on that and find your own artistic voice. That's the benefits here. So-

Michelle (12:08):
So images maybe just in the first email? Like here's a student as a reference in a PS or... Because this was based on me saying, "Did you get the secret question?". There's a secret question. So I'm, again, I'm probably trying to pack too much into this six, but, I would definitely love to hear what you think. [crosstalk 00:12:31].

Erin (12:30):
Yeah, look, the first ones, great. You can leave it like that. The only thing I wanted to ask, so with the muted dirty colors, is that a negative thing or is that... And do people genuinely paint with muted colors, is that-

Michelle (12:44):
There's a lot of people who do paint with muted colors, but there's a lot of people who want vibrant colors and they don't use the right paints to achieve those, so they're all always frustrated. So it really is... There's more people who use vibrant colors, but sometimes they can't achieve those because of the kind of paints that they're using and how they go about that.

Erin (13:03):

Michelle (13:04):
So it's, because if someone's doing muted colors, I would tell them to mix them differently than if I was to tell them what to do with vibrant colors out of the tube.

Erin (13:14):
"Dirty". Is dirty a negative word, or is that- [crosstalk 00:13:18].

Michelle (13:17):
No dirty- Like, it's-

Michelle (13:20):
I know, I always use dirty.

Erin (13:23):

Michelle (13:24):
I don't know, it's muted. There's probably a better word for dirty. Because it's not like dirty as in, "dirty", it's just... it's dusty. It's de-saturated, but I don't want to use the de-saturated because they're like, "Well what's de-saturated mean", so technically it's de-saturated, but having a word to say something about that would be good, but more than muted and dirty, but that's what I say.

Erin (13:48):
Okay. Well, yeah, maybe... Because I'm just thinking, if this is an amateur artist... Cause for example, someone who is not at all artistic in the slightest, I come into this and I go, "Oh, maybe using muted colors is bad. Maybe I shouldn't be using muted colors". So maybe if you just change the language a little bit, I'm just saying, do "I prefer working with muted, dusty colors. Or do you like vibrant colors? I'm applying to be [crosstalk 00:14:15] bonus is that will help you paint in the way that you are most drawn to", or something along the lines of that.

Michelle (14:20):

Erin (14:20):
Or you are wanting to aspire rather than yeah... Cause I just read this and I was like oh is it, "Maybe I shouldn't be painting in color.

Michelle (14:30):
Right, right. Yeah. No, that's not what I meant. Yeah. Okay.

Erin (14:33):
You can just change that a little bit, cause I think it's great, just keep that as the first thing there. And then what you could even say is "Know in the next few days I'll be sharing some more tips about how to mix well and how to get the most out of your color chart".

Michelle (14:46):

Erin (14:48):
So just give them the heads up that there will be more emails coming and then give them a bit of motivation to open the rest once, which is you're giving them more information and more tips and tricks to achieve an amazing painting at the end.

Speaker 7 (15:00):
It's like pressure points and it helps us to release the stress. So we start off tapping here, which is the karate chop point. And it's the setup statement. And we say, "Even though I feel", and we name the feeling, maybe it's resistant or stressed or whatever the feeling is, we'll identify it specifically for you, Lucy, soon "about asking people for money". So whatever the subject is, "I deeply and completely love and accept myself", so we say that "I deeply completely love and accept myself" because, it allows us to come into a state of love and acceptance of ourselves, even if we're not feeling it at the time. But it's like when a child falls over and we go and they're screaming and they're upset and we go and give them a hug and we allow them to process and release and just scream it all out.

Speaker 7 (15:56):
But as an adult, we go to them with that compassion and love. This is what we're doing for ourselves when we say that set up statement, "I deeply and completely love and accept myself". It's like giving ourselves a nice hug and saying "it's okay". We feel safe to be able just to release and resist it.

Speaker 7 (16:13):
Okay, so we say that three times, "Even though I feel whatever the feeling is, about whatever it's about, I deeply and completely love and accept myself". And then we're going through the rest of the tapping points. So the rest of the points are the Meridian points on the body associated with your emotions. And as we tap them, we are being very present with the emotion that we're wanting to release. So, we're giving it the presence, we're giving it the attention and the awareness that it's wanting.

Speaker 7 (16:40):
And then that allows it to release. If we don't look directly at the emotion, then it stays stuck and it stays buried in there. So feeling this feeling, this feeling, and we just stay present with it. We stay present, focused on where in the body we can feel it. So inside of the eyebrows, the first point. Side of the eye temple is the next point. Under the eye on the eye-bone is the next point. Under the nose is the next point. On the crease on the chin, next point. The next one is just underneath the collarbone where the collarbone comes in here. Or you can just... You can either tap it like that, or you can tap it like that. The next one is underneath the armpit. So just where your bra sits, you can give yourself a hug if you want to, when you do that.

Speaker 7 (17:27):
And then top of the head is the last point. And it doesn't matter if you skip points or you do them in the wrong order. It's not about perfection, it's just about really allowing you to follow your intuition with it and just allowing it to be an intuitive process. And sometimes when we're first doing this, it's helpful to go, "Even though I feel really odd doing this, even though I don't know if it works, even though this feels so strange and I don't know what I'm doing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself", just to... If it's feeling odd and you're not feeling comfortable doing it, it's quite nice to just go through that as a bit of a set up for you as well.

Louise (18:11):
Sarah, you are up first. Sarah you're doing a five day challenge. So let me just quickly read the question again. So you're doing a five day challenge, $37 a month membership.

Sarah (18:23):

Louise (18:23):
Just love to walk through how did you do the launch? Oh yeah. So you were looking for just some tips and things like that. So yeah, if you want to kind of take us through what you've sort of got, and then I can kind of give you some things along the way that might be able to help you out.

Sarah (18:37):
Thank you. So basically I've got a task for them every morning that goes out at 6:00 AM. Then 3:00 PM, there's an "ask me anything" post that goes out on Facebook, and they get an email saying, "The ask me anything post is there, put your question". And then I've got a live, which I think is going to be just about 30 minutes every evening at six o'clock UK time.

Louise (18:58):

Sarah (18:58):
And yeah, that's about it really. Monday to Friday, I've got 10 sales ads. Once the car opens on the Wednesday, it's open for a week, there's 10, sorry, not ads, emails, 10 emails going out.

Louise (19:12):
Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Sarah (19:13):
That's about it really. There's a bonus if they sign up by the Sunday. So car opens Wednesday, bonus if they sign up the Sunday.

Louise (19:21):

Sarah (19:22):
That's it. Okay,

Louise (19:23):
Cool. So with your challenge, you're running it in a group. And when are you going to be opening? Is it about day three day four? That you're opening your membership?

Sarah (19:32):
Day three, yeah.

Louise (19:34):
Okay, cool. And do you have any sort of incentive at the moment to kind of encourage people to come along live to your sessions or to-

Sarah (19:43):

Louise (19:43):
Answer any sort of questions? So one of the things that we find with five day challenges in particular, is that day three tends to be your peak and this might not completely hold true for you, but generally we find that three's the peak. And then, days four and five, it'll get a little bit quieter. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just that those sort of people that weren't as engaged start to drop off and moving it to a three day challenge, doesn't solve that problem. Your peak then happens day two. There seems to just be this psychological barrier over getting over half of the challenge.

Louise (20:19):
So what I think that would be really good for you to have a look at is how can you encourage people to come along live or to... You can say things on your video live, or do "hashtag replay if you're listening to the replay so that I know that you're following along" and things like that. That can be really good just for making sure people are actually consuming the content. And you really want to make it feel... Once you get to the end of the challenge, and you've sort of moved into that sales stage, you want to find this really fine balance between encouraging people to finish the content and obviously moving onto a sales message.

Louise (21:00):
So, definitely having something up your sleeve where you can be like, "Let's do a 15 minute wrap up of the last five days or something", so that potentially, once you're finished it, and you would rather people start concentrating on your sales message than the challenge content, that you can sort of gather those people that might not have finished the challenge and still keep moving them along the launch. So something that can really help.

Sarah (21:28):
When would you do a 15 minute wrap-up? You mean live in the group, not on the Friday?

Louise (21:35):
Yeah, no. So, I mean, you might want to do it... It kind of depends how your cart thing. So, what some of my clients will do is they'll actually run day five as a webinar. So they'll have full pitch, full "let's wrap up the last four days and cover everything off and get into day five together and we'll finish off our action". So you can either do it like that, or if your content's more structured over the five days, then maybe day six, you could just do a wrap up of the five days that you've just been through. It'll depend on your sales sequencing, and if you've got early bird rates or bonuses and things like that as well. But, you really want to concentrate on the people who are super keen, but might not have finished the challenge and therefore have this mental barrier of, "Well, I haven't finished the challenge. Is this course even right for me", because they're missing pieces.

Sarah (22:23):
Got it. Okay. So yeah. Got it. Okay. Thank you, Louis. That's great.

Louise (22:28):
The other thing that can be really useful and is a little bit time consuming, but if you have a VA or you've got some time, is really paying attention to who is turning up and who is asking questions because they're the perfect people to DM in socials and be like, "Hey, I noticed that you've been asking some really great questions. Is there any other things I can help you with". Because, they're sort of your hottest leads and you don't really want them sitting on the fence.

Sarah (22:54):
Thank you. That's a good idea. Yeah, that's great. Thank you.

Salome Schillack (22:59):
I really trust that you enjoyed these snippets from The Launch Lounge and if you want to be the first person to find out the next time we open enrollment for The Launch Lounge, go to shineandsucceed.com/launch, and you will receive all the emails about our opening enrollment periods for 2022. From my tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef, I say to you, goodbye.

Salome Schillack (23:33):
Thank you so much for listening. If you had fun, please come back next week and remember to hit that subscribe button, so you never miss the thing.