05: 10 Key Questions to Ask Before Your Next Live Launch - Part 1

24 December 2019 | By Salome Schillack

In every big launch, there are specific things we need to pay attention to before we decide what our launch strategy will be. 

If we can make a list of all of the things we need to think about before we start a live launch then we can be sure that we’ve covered all our bases.

This enables us to build a truly replicable system that can be tweaked and changed and optimized as we repeat the process and scale our businesses.

And when we have a system where we can track how we’re doing with moving people along our funnels that gives us the ability to predictably scale our online course business with paid traffic.

So to help you create more predictable growth in your launches,  I’ve created 10 questions you should ask yourself before your next live launch.

In this episode, we’ll cover questions 1 to 4 and in next week’s episode, we look at questions 5-10.

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