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Learn the foundations of finding and tracking your ‘Most Profitable Customer Journey’ and start to sell profitable courses to a hungry crowd without wasting money on ads that don't work. Step-by-step training you need to consistently build predictably profitable launches that get you that CEO lifestyle.



Everything you need to create profitable Facebook™ ads without feeling like you're gambling your life savings away even if Facebook keeps throwing changes (like IOS) at us. Stay up to date and know what's working NOW.


Personalised course content that helps you make progress faster wherever you are in YOUR journey. Four to five figures. Five to six figures. Multi-six figure to CEO. You name it, we have it!


Get ALL the support you need to create your profitable online business with our regular live coaching calls cover topics like Facebook™ Ads, Marketing and Launch Strategy, Launch Planning, Copywriting and Project Management.



Join a powerhouse group of entrepreneurs who just 'get it. Inside The Launch Lounge Facebook™ group, you'll get support from other online entrepreneurs who are also creating their online businesses. Make friends for life and build lasting relationships with like-minded people


"If you want the most up to date information delivered by a true professional with a tremendous team within a supportive framework of people rooting for you, this is the place."

Kimberly Samson
CEO, The Midlife

"I've paid for a lot of groups over the years, and this one is by far the most helpful".

Lindsay Ashworth
Owner / Designer, Printable Party Decorations

"The Launch Lounge has changed my life".

Kyleigh Banks
CEO, Multi-Six Figure Birth Business

"The Launch Lounge is definitely not just about ads. Yes, it plays a huge part, but it has helped me to understand my ideal customer, create my irresistible offer, build my funnel and so much more. I literally talk about it as my business mastermind. So much value!! Absolutely love the community too. Priceless!".

Vandghie Badenhorst
CEO, Women's Health, Hormone Health Academy

"Salome's generosity and care in supporting everyone in The Launch Lounge to create the best environment for success was phenomenal. From the step-by-step thoughtful training, bigger picture strategy, and weekly calls, The Launch Lounge is the most supportive place to be".

Vanessa Medling
Founder, B2BusinessTogether 

"I have paid thousands of dollars for other programs on this business journey and I have not felt as seen and taken care of as I have here. I am SO glad I signed up, and feel a huge sense of relief that I have access to people who can help me as I'm moving into the next phase and actually launching my program".

Kristin Ames
Owner, Nutritionist, Fit Life Coaching