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Ready For Consistent $10K Course Launches Month After Month?

Learn to create consistent $10K months launching your online course profitably even if you have a small list and an even smaller ad budget.

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"Not only is Salome incredibly skilled in paid advertising, but she also has a huge heart.

That is why she has been such a huge support to my community."

- Amy Porterfield

Breaking the barrier to consistent $10K launches is the hardest by far.

You’ve already taken all the courses and spent thousands of dollars learning things like:

  • How to create your online course
  • What to name your course
  • How to make Instagram™ Reels that gets you in front of a larger audience
  • How to build a webinar to convert your audience.

You may even have taken a course on filling that launch with leads from Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads.

These courses are great to get you started…

But unless you have complete clarity on how these tactics fit in to a profitable, sustainable online marketing strategy, you’ll continue to experience problems like:

  • The Social Media Hustle
    Everyone keeps telling you to just keep making Reels but you are SO TIRED and making digital small talk is sucking the life out of you and not paying the bills.
  • The Ad Money Pit
    You’ve spent more money on ads that did not work than what you care to disclose to your significant other. If only it didn’t feel like such a gamble and you had a strategy to earn back what you gave Mr Z.
  • The Funnel Guessing Game
    Webinars, challenges or low $ offers. The options are endless but your time, patience and budget is not. How many new funnels do you have to test before you land on the ‘perfect’ one?
  • Stuck In ‘The List That Never Buys’ State
    They open your emails, they click on them and they love attending your free training, but they NEVER BUY anything! And then they even send you emails telling you how much they loved the free training. You end up blaming yourself, or worse, lowering your price.
  • The Guessing What To Do Next Shuffle
    As if all of this isn’t bad enough, you’ve been at this way longer than you thought it would take to start paying off, and it’s starting to impact your self esteem. You wonder if you ever would have started if you knew it would be this hard.
Free Guide - Start An Online Courses Business

Truth is, even if you’ve taken all the courses, followed all the step-by-step, do-what-I-did systems, but you never learned how to create online marketing systems that ensures you have -

  • A warm audience who is primed to convert and
  • An offer that is tested and proven to work and
  • The right launch funnel for your niche and
  • The right size audience for your price point.

don't pay $297

You might unknowingly still be making one of these mistakes:


Launching to a cold audience.


Leaves you feeling icky when you pitch and you end up hearing crickets when you invite strangers to go to the ‘BUY NOW’ button.


Creating offers that are not compelling to your ideal customer.


They love your free material but no one bought your course. You’re left feeling like you’re giving away free advice to strangers and it’s costing you a lot of time and money.


Using funnels that are either too long or too short for your niche.


You lose half your audience on day two of your challenge or you never get enough people to attend your webinar.


Launching to audiences that are too small.


Not enough people made it to the end of your launch to give you a healthy number in your funnel that led to sales. You’re left wondering why no one ever talks about having the right number of people at the start of a launch to get to sales.


Not tracking the right numbers.


You reinvent the wheel every time you launch because you have no idea what to fix next. You are left out in the cold wondering what the magic secret is to finally figuring out how to make consistent money from your launches.

Understanding foundational online marketing principles is the key to generating consistent revenue in your online course launches, month after month after month, even if…

  • The algorithm changes
  • Webinars go out of fashion
  • Chat bots become annoying
  • TikTok takes over Reels
  • Facebook™ ad costs go up

The only way to make money online when you are starting from scratch is to know how to build your lucrative audiences and make offers to them that convert.



ON DEMAND Training

Your First $10K Online Course Launch: Launch Profitably Even If You Have A Small List And An Even Smaller Ad Budget

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from working behind the scenes with over…  

  • 78+ live online course launches
  • training over 4,692 students
  • and spending over $2.2M in ads just this year

 and created my best video training ever.

don't pay $297


When you watch this Video Training you’ll:


Discover why breaking the $10K barrier is the hardest and what you can do today to change that forever.


Unlock the funnel secrets for your niche so you'll finally hit consistent $10K months and get the freedom you want.


Learn how to attract an audience who wants to buy your course, not just show up for your launch and tell you how much they learned.


Understand how to boost past launch results to double your profit in your next launch.


Get the step-by-step,  fill-in-the-blanks worksheet that will help you map out your personalized route to your first $10K launch.

You'll get:


60 minutes of no-fluff online marketing training with Salome.


Your step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks worksheet that will help you map out your personalized route to your first $10K launch.


This recording of the class to keep for life.


PDF Slides to keep so you can learn on the go.

"I was able to double the target market of my current email list. When I had tech glitches, without a beat her team supported me. When I had questions, they were there to inform me." 

- Kat Harris

Next Steps:


get instant access today

Watch this Accelerated Learning Masterclass Video Training to see how we help you to get consistent $10K months in your launches.


60 MINUTES OF accelerated learning

Learn the online marketing principles that are proven in every niche and that get consistent results even when the economy, social media platforms, and marketing trends change. No-fluff hard core training you can apply to your business today.


30 Minutes of Coaching

Watch as students bring their last launch results or plans for their next launch and see how Salome expertly guides them to get the best possible results with what they have NOW!


Backed By Our No Questions Asked
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is a hands-on-get-the-work-done Video Training and we are so confident that what you learn will help you make progress toward your next $10K launch that we back it up with a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.


Hi, I'm Salome

(Your 'hostess with the mostess' and the expert when it comes to achieving record-breaking launches that generate fat-wallet freedom for YOU, and significant impact for THE WORLD).

I’m a Facebook™ Ads Specialist, an Online Course Marketing Strategist, and Creator and Founder of The Launch Lounge™ - the leading Coaching and Training Community where online course launchers get the support they need to grow profitably and scale their business to new levels of freedom that they used to dream about. 

Inside The Launch Lounge™ Community, my team of consultants and coaches geek out on online course marketing, so that we can offer you only the best strategies that helped us become one of the most sought-after Agencies for multi-million-dollar businesses.

But more importantly, I am a mom who was desperate to find a way to balance my family AND my career. I stumbled into the world of online courses around 6 years ago, and it changed everything!  Finally, I could be there for the school pick-up AND generate more money than I ever thought possible! 

It was life-changing. 

Since starting my business, I’ve researched, tested, trialed and learned my #peachemoji off to discover the right way and the wrong way when it comes to launching profitable online courses. I find it ridiculously satisfying to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same freedom I did! 

But don’t take my word for it… hear what others are saying about us.


Your First $10K Online Course Launch: Launch Profitably Even If You Have A Small List And An Even Smaller Ad Budget

This Video Training is for you if…

  • You want to shorten the learning curve and break through to consistent $10K months NOW.
  • You’re ready to stop jumping from one course to the next to find the elusive magic bullet (spoiler alert: it does not exist) that will finally turn your hard work into hard cash.
  • You’re ready to turn your audience who adores your work into an audience who pays for your work.
  • You’re willing to do the work and get the feedback you need to implement real marketing strategies that stand the test of time.

don't pay $297


What others are saying

"The results from this launch totally blew me away, and it wouldn't have happened without Salome."

- Stephanie May Wilson

"On our first launch together, I was put completely at ease and happy with the webinar registrations.
The cost per conversion was great."

- Morgan Sutton
COO Sue B Zimmerman

"Salome and her team came highly recommended and I can see why."

- Jennifer Allwood



Your First $10K Online Course Launch: Launch Profitably Even If You Have A Small List And An Even Smaller Ad Budget

don't pay $297


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