I wanted to talk to you today about one of the major reasons why we don’t achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

What I found is, very often, when we start out by setting a goal, it’s something like I want to make more money, or I want to go on a certain holiday, or start a business, or make some major life change. We’re not emotionally attached to that because it’s not an emotional thing, it’s a to-do list. It’s a to-do thing. And I believe the number one reason why we don’t succeed at our goals is because it’s not attached to a feeling.

So, here’s how I do it. Start with a feeling you want and work your way back with what will give you that feeling. Once you’re very clear on that feeling, then you can start building the picture around what’s going to give you that feeling. And that might be money and it might be succeeding at your business or it might be something more along the lines of a number of networking events or a number of new contacts you want.

Whether it is to grow your business or to make a big change in your life, doesn’t matter as long as it’s attached to an intense feeling that you can easily reconnect with. So, when life gets in the way, it’s much easier to just go back and remember how you wanted to feel and how important that feeling is to you, as opposed to looking at a to-do list and becoming overwhelmed.

So, that’s my tip for the day. If you want to achieve a goal you set out to achieve, attach it to a feeling. Be clear on what the feeling is you want from that goal, from achieving that goal. Thank you very much for watching and if you like this video, please share it.