Happy Clients


“Salome and her team came highly recommended and I can see why. They are so thorough in their lead up to a launch campaign and helped us to determine and deliver video, headlines and graphics well in advance so that during our launch we could focus on other things. I love their follow up AFTER the launch as well. The breakdown of sales/ads is so helpful to see whats working for future ad spends!”


"Delegating to your team was a stressful decision for me as our business scales. Giving up control of something so important as ad strategy is nerve wracking, but your quality of support and attention to detail has proved it was the right decision and has freed me up to focus on other areas for growth. You know the most up to date, important info on the algorithm, budgets, and policies, which can really make or break an ads campaign. I appreciate the consistency of communication and reporting that makes me feel completely in the loop. On our first launch together, I was put completely at ease and happy with the webinar registrations. The cost per conversion was great."

Morgan Sutton


Stephanie May Wilson

“I had a big launch coming up, and I knew that I needed to be running Facebook ads in order for it to be successful. I had run my own ads in the past, but it was just becoming too much to manage. I knew I needed some help — someone who knew more than me about ads, someone who could take that stress off of my plate.

I reached out to Salome for her help, and the second we started chatting, I knew I liked her. She's warm, and kind, and understanding, and clearly knew her stuff, so I knew she was my gal.  I had a super quick turnaround for my launch, but Salome took it in stride. She had my ads up and ready to go before I could even believe it, and we were off! She truly took the entire process of Facebook ads off of my plate, offering insight and perspective and tricks and tools that I never would have found on my own. It was so nice to know that my launch was in such good hands.

Launches are so stressful, but with Salome in charge of my ads, this was not only my most successful launch yet, but it was my least stressful launch yet. Because I knew Salome was taking care of the ads, I was able to really focus on the things I'm best at, and the whole thing was so much smoother as a result. And did I mention it was our most successful launch yet? It truly was. The results from this launch totally blew me away, and it wouldn't have happened without Salome.

My favorite part of working with Salome was how much she cared. She truly took on my launch as her launch, and was on my team every step of the way. So many mornings leading up to the launch I'd wake up to an encouraging message from her — cheering me on, believing in me and in the product we were selling. Salome is so much more than just someone running your ads — she's a teammate and a cheerleader. There was one point when we had some trouble with Facebook, and Salome was more worried about it than I was. It's such a comforting thing to have someone alongside you that cares about your success just as much as you do. She's just wonderful.

Salome knows her stuff. She's smart, and savvy, and knows Facebook ads like the back of her hand. And even more than that, she's kind, and supportive, and encouraging, and a wonderful teammate. I would recommend her without hesitation!”


"Salome and her team were an integral part of my launch. With her Facebook Ad Strategy I was able to double the target market of my current email list. When I had tech glitches, without a beat her team supported me. When I had questions, they were there to inform me. Salome is a professional, cares deeply about her clients, and is committed to getting you results."


“Salome came into our lives like a gust of fresh, vibrant air -- full of new ideas, potent business strategies, and an unflagging optimism for what we could achieve. My business partner and I could not have been more pleased with the results. In fact, Salome knocked our socks off! We are better and on far more solid ground today for having worked with her.”

Nancy Hala


Sue Monhait

"With Salome and her team by my side, this entrepreneurial life is brighter and I feel empowered to take on the world.

I've been working with the Shine and Succeed Team for a couple of years now and I'm continually impressed with the well thought out and sophisticated Facebook ad funnels that make up my online course strategies. I came out of corporate with a solid knowledge of the value of target marketing but Salome takes it to an entirely different level. I had no idea some of this could even be accomplished through Facebook ads!

I love the weekly updates with an accompanying video walking me through the back end of my ads manager - complete with an explanation of our results and how that fits against the norm. Most of the time we're doing better than average which I attribute to the team and their skills and deep knowledge of the platforms.

Whether it's focusing on increasing Facebook Group membership, email list building or webinar attendance, my numbers continue to rise weekly because of this investment in getting the best people to help me grow my business.

Thank you Salome and team, you're the best!"


"Working with Salome and the Shine & Succeed Team has been a dream come true. They always provide a high level of support and reporting so that I feel confident everything is under control during my entire launch process. They also understand and use the latest, cutting-edge strategies during my campaigns so that I get better results. I always feel fully supported and informed which allows me to focus on other things and no longer worry about my ads."


"After interviewing 14 of the "top Facebook Ads specialists" from around the world to help with my launch, my last interview was with Salome. It was her warmth, her skill set, but more importantly her willingness to explain not only the Facebook strategy but also how her team of experts (copywriter, graphic designer and her manager) would make the magic happen for my launch that I knew I had to have her on my team. My launch was successful because of the brain power behind Salome's skill set with running successful Facebook Ads. Thank you for everything”

Angela Henderson


Our business was brand new to developing a marketing funnel and using Facebook ads as part of the overall strategy. Salome was great at explaining not just WHAT we were going to do, but also WHY. Her ability to explain complicated marketing and advertising concepts reduced our overall stress and ensured we succeeded.”


“With Salome and Team Shine on my team, I had an easy, stress-free launch. Salome was wonderful with communicating what was working and what we needed to change to get things working even better. We almost tripled our money with ads to cold leads while we were competing with some really big name launches in my niche. Thank you Salome and Team Shine!”

Bobby Klinck


Donna Mavromates

“I couldn’t do this without Salome.

This past year, I decided that I wanted to pivot my business. I wanted to move from working with one-on-one clients and I decided to focus my energies on creating an online course. Little did I know that the course creation was the easy part; it was how to get people to know about it that would lead them to actually buy that turned out to be the hardest part for me.

The biggest problem was that I didn’t have a list. I didn’t have anyone to market to. I knew that Facebook ads were the best way to start building my list so I designed a pretty graphic that I used as an ad and put it out there for the world to see. My result:  I spent A LOT of money with very few conversions.

I realized that while I was able to figure out the mechanics of setting up an ad, what I didn’t have in place was a strategy. I had no clue what I was doing, so I was just throwing things against the wall, hoping they would stick.

When I first contacted Salome, I could tell immediately that she was THE person who was going to take my business to the next level. Not only was she funny and engaging during our call, but she clearly knew her stuff. What drew me to her was the fact that she wanted to develop a long-term relationship and really wanted to get to know me and my business. It wasn’t going to be a one-hit, “set up your ads and I’m done” kind of thing and that was really important to me.

Within two weeks, Salome had a well thought out strategy for how we were going to use Facebook ads to grow my list that would ultimately lead to a webinar launch. She held my hand and walked me through every step of the way, providing encouragement and support throughout the process. My list grew by 1000%! (It’s true…I went from zero to 1,000 subscribers that were my exact target client for my course!)

The best part of working with Salome is that she cares as much about my business as I do. She goes above and beyond each and every time, from the detailed reports that she sends to the videos she records that explains how my ads are performing. She TRULY wants to see her clients succeed and it’s that personal interest that sets her apart from everyone else. I’d often wake up in the morning to a FB message from Salome, just as a reminder that she was there, looking out for me. She’s warm and caring and loving and compassionate. Traits that I look for in a friend, so when I find them in someone who’s helping me run my business, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.

For anyone who’s serious about wanting to use Facebook ads to grow their business, Salome is your girl. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Susan-King-bio (1)

Susan King

"Salome and the Shine and Succeed Team are great strategists, excellent communicators and valued partners in our Floret Online Workshop promotion efforts. We especially appreciate their level of organization and detailed reporting and analysis. They have taken the daunting and dreaded task of managing Facebook and Instagram ads and made it into a successful and painless component of our online course launch plan."


“Great experience working with your team!”

Brittany Young


“With Salome as part of my team, we had our best B-School launch to date. Her webinar strategy created a huge influx of new leads that kick-started the launch and set us up for success. She used some clever retargeting strategies to ensure that we were able to reach our warm audiences at the right time with the right message. We succeeded in our goal to be one of the Top 10 affiliates for B-School. Thank you Salome”

Hayley Hobson

We needed a Facebook Ad Specialist specifically for a coaching client we had on board.

Each step we took with Salome continued to grow our confidence that we had the perfect Ad Specialist on the client's team. Salome then ran our clients ad campaign very effectively with no fuss, clear concise reporting, and excellent results for the client.

Salome doesn’t just 'run the ads' she has a wide base of solid knowledge and experience that reaches beyond Facebook advertising, and she brings those skills directly into the client experience. The entire experience with Salome was delightful, from our initial meeting through to the end of the client's contract

Val Cozens

Feisty Cat Social


“I needed help reaching more people consistently with my Facebook ads. I hired Salome and she implemented strategies that helped me to quickly convert cold traffic into warm leads so I could generate sales faster and more consistently. She helped me get webinar registrations for 96c!

Salome is very reliable, always there for support. She's able to identify small details that make the big differences. She's a great communicator and always maintained an open line of communication with me as well as others to help my business grow.

The most delightful part was the tremendous support and diligence she offered to help me get my Facebook account back. No words can describe how much your support during that time meant to me.

Salome's a great person to work with and truly committed to her job!”

Chioma Okeke


When I tried running Facebook Ads I couldn't even get my ads approved! The rejections made absolutely no sense to me, leaving me defeated and stressed out. Then I started working with Salome and she helped me create my first carousel ad, which performed very well. For the first time I got clicks to my website for only $0.56. We have ran the ads for a month and doubled my website traffic! Salome is very professional and has a great positive attitude, making it easy to work & communicate with her. I’ve already recommended her to some of my friends!

Oksana Belo


“I reached out to Salome because I just didn’t have the time to try to run Facebook Ads by myself anymore. Salome helped me get started with video ads and she guided me to create a video strategy that has added members to my private group, built my list and got people to register for my Masterclasses. Her help and feedback on my landing pages has increased my conversions. Salome gave way more than what I signed up for and her marketing feedback has been very helpful. I love having her as part of my team and she’s even become a friend!”


Salome helped me when I wanted to set up a campaign for an event I was running. She took me through the process step by step and made it super easy for me, she broke it down into really easy chunks, she gave me the tasks and the homework and I went away and made the videos. She provided me with the scripts, she gave me advice and feedback on my videos and gave me lots and lots of encouragement when I didn’t know what to do. Everything from what to wear to lighting and sound. It was a fantastic experience, I really, really enjoyed it and as a result I got some more fans on my Facebook Page, I got lots of enquiries to my website, and a whole bunch of my ideal clients who want to do business with me. So it was a fantastic way to promote my coaching, my workshops and my business and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Salome. She is a master at what she does, she is an all-round beautiful lady and if you want to grow your business and you want to get more fans and you want to sell more places in your workshops then Salome is the person to work with. Thank you so much Salome!!”

Lisa Evans

"Engaging Salome Shillack and her Shine and Succeed team as our FB ads team has been an excellent move for our online course brand. Having had experience with a few Facebook ads teams prior to discovering Salome, we can say unequivocally that this team is the real deal. A few stand outs for us are the above and beyond attention paid to our brand, particularly as we were relaunching 2 formerly successful evergreen campaigns that had been driven into a total shutdown and ground to a halt by a former Facebook ads team of “experts.” Salome saw our stress levels and the money we were hemorrhaging when we started working with her. She dove in - full force. Salome has also consistently demonstrated a conservative and respectful approach regarding our company’s very real ad spend dollars. And for a recent cherry on top, beyond the results we are seeing, we had an independent meeting with a Facebook employee who is an “account rep.” After reviewing the work “Team Shine” is doing for us, the FB rep’s comment was simply this: “Your FB ads team knows what they are doing and they’re doing a very good job.” As a point of reference, we are a B2C business, not a B2B – which is a whole other can of worms. We were concerned initially if that would affect whether this would be a good fit – and it certainly has proven to be an excellent fit. Lastly, I feel a partnership and collaboration with Salome and her team and know that if ever we want a zoom call – which I now rarely do – we could have one in an instant. Our brand is on track, and we are happy clients. High marks all around."

Donna Hoffman

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