So, you spent hours coming up with ideas for your video blog, days recording and editing it, then you post it, you got tons of comments and likes … and then what?

Today I’m going to share with you how you can repurpose your video content on other social media platforms. ‘Coz if you’re not repurposing, you’re going to work your ass off for very little reward, and then you’re going to stop posting video blogs, and then you’re going to disappear from Facebook land, and no one is going to know who you are or what your business is about and then you’re going to shrivel up and die.

No, it’s not that bad. But, if you are not repurposing your content you are missing out on a huge opportunity and you are denying your followers the opportunity to see the fabulous content you create for them.

Most social updates are only seen once by a fraction of your audience. Think about all the hours you put into creating your video blog or blog. What you want to do is squeeze every little bit of value out of it.

Once you have created your video or blog, pick 5 main points that you can turn into Tweets. Schedule the Tweets to go out at different times.

Then Create 5 different Facebook Posts that link to the original video or blog. Use apps like Spark Post, Rippl and Legend to create animated posts that are video-like and will get more attention than a picture post alone. You can also use Facebook’s slideshow feature to create a video story out of your main points and link back to your video or blog.

Create 3 different Instagram posts that relate to your content and schedule them to go out over the course of a few weeks.

You can also turn your video or blog into a Pinterest board, inspire your Snapchat followers to go and watch your video or transcribe your video and post it on LinkedIn as an article.

Use the audio from your video as a podcast episode, but make sure the audio quality is good before you do that.

How about editing 60-second clips from your video and promoting those on Instagram and Twitter?

Start a follow-up conversation on Periscope!

And if you’re ready to really step it up, add a free download to your video and build your list while you promote your content.

What’s the expression, two birds with one stone?

There, I’ve just given you about 100 different ideas to repurpose your video content. The beauty of repurposing your content is, you create it once, you leverage it forever!!! Which takes the pressure off to come up with new content all the time and it gives massive value to your followers on all the different platforms you are on.

If you have any questions or comments about repurposing your content please drop me a line in the comments box below. And if this video is valuable to you and you think someone else will think so too, please share it with them now.

Thank you very much for watching and remember, this is your time to Shine!