All in all, 2016 has been a year of ups and ups. Today I want to share with you some of the big lessons that I learned in 2016 and how it’s impacting me moving forward into 2017. 2016 was my second year as an entrepreneur and also the first year of having a child in school full-time. My husband spent almost a quarter of this year traveling in Europe, so I can honestly say that 2016 was a year of graceful hustle. Here are some of the lessons that I learned.

Lesson number one. I have always more to give. Gratitude and focusing on the abundance I have was a major theme in my life this year. I’m a very ambitious person, which is great. But it also means as soon as I achieve something, I want more. Being both ambitious and having a strong desire to create a harmonious home life for my family sometimes made me feel like I’m being torn apart. There were times when in the business, I felt I wasn’t giving that enough attention. Then in my home life, I felt I wasn’t giving that enough attention either, which made me feel really dissatisfied in both areas. It was a bit shit.

I realised something has to give. That something that had to give was my own desire to conquer the world in five minutes. What I discovered was that if I spent five minutes every morning meditating and thinking about how much I have and how much I still have to give, and focusing on the things I have to be grateful for, that I was able to calm that nervous voice inside my head. You know the voice. The voice that keeps screaming, “More, more, more. Not enough, not enough, not enough.” I share that with you because I have this conversations with moms, friends, clients, almost every single day. When we live from a place of gratitude and focus on the abundance we have every day, and know that whatever our situation is, we always have more to give. We start to feel happier, more content, and we start living from a place of positive, happy energy. Happy people are successful people.

The second thing I learned in 2016 is the power of collaboration. In April, just after Facebook Live launched, I created the Shine Show, an interview style show that showcases some of the entrepreneurs that are doing fantastic work in Perth. I absolutely love seeing how excited my guests were about sharing their special gift on the show. The mutual support and encouragement of past guests have been a phenomenal thing to be part of. What I learned was that by collaborating with others and putting our messages together, combining our efforts, we can reach so much more people with less effort. One and one really becomes not two, but ten.

The third thing I learned this year was to stop saying yes to work I didn’t like. Now that means that I first had to say yes to it to figure out that I don’t like it. But I’ve become a firm believer that if something in your business feels like a chore or feels like you’re pushing shit up a hill, maybe it’s time to reevaluate whether that’s really what you should be doing. It still hurts to think about the situations where I turned down money because I just knew my heart wasn’t going to be in the work. But I firmly believe that by doing something that lights you up inside, that gets you excited, that makes you look forward to getting up in the morning, and doing something you absolutely love, that people become attracted to that energy. They want to be part of that energy, and that is the pathway to success.

There you have it, folks. Those are the three major lessons I learned in my business in 2016. I trust that sharing them with you will help you move forward in your business, too. I would love it if you share with me in the comments what was some of your big “a-ha” moments? Some of your big lessons that you’ll be taking into 2017 with you to make 2017 an absolutely phenomenal #FacebookFabulous year for you?