A manifesto is a truth we choose to live by.

In the Shine and Succeed community there are plenty of amazing women doing wonderful work to better the lives of others. Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Healers and Creatives all come together to support each other in creating meaningful lives for ourselves, our families and our clients.

I have created the “Shining Woman’s Manifesto” as a declaration of what this community stands for.

As you listen to me read the manifesto you’ll notice that some of these beliefs have already taken root in your heart. When you hear the manifesto you’ll become even more aware of these truths and the profound effect they have on our lives and on the lives of the people we love and the people we serve with our gifts.


I LIVE MY PURPOSE – I believe that I have a unique set of gifts, experiences and talents that I bring to this world to make it a better place. Only I can do what I have been created to do.

I BELIEVE THAT I AM THE CREATOR OF MY own destiny and my life is completely in my hands. I have the power to change what limits me, surround myself with people who empower me, and take action to live a life of intention.

I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO CHAGE WHAT NEEDS CHANGING. I focus on my dreams and desires more than my challenges and obstacles

I HONOUR, LOVE AND RESPECT MYSELF. I see my own beauty and I acknowledge it daily. My internal dialogue is uplifting, loving and kind. I look after my body, spirit and my mind. I forgive myself easily. I invest time and money in things that fulfill me. I love my imperfections. I am comfortable with saying ‘NO’ when a request is not in line with my values, my integrity or my priorities. I am consistent in my words, my thoughts and my actions. I draw on my deepest courage to show myself to the world and to let my greatness be seen. I know that living a life of real meaning and purpose means that I will sometimes get hurt, stumble, bleed. I accept that and embrace it! I cannot be liked by everyone and that is good.

I CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR.  I face my fears head on with courage and bravery. I am comfortable with failure because therein lies my growth. I give up on perfectionism and criticism and instead focus on serving and loving. I am enough. I have enough time, enough money, and enough resources to make a difference now. I have everything I need within me now. I dream big and I pursue my passions. I believe in what I do, what I stand for and who I am

I SERVE OTHERS AND CREATE CHANGE FOR OTHERS. I see the best in others and help them to see it too. I add value to the lives of those around me. I show up, proudly, confidently and regularly ready to serve. I express gratitude to others regularly.


When these beliefs start living in your heart then you start to notice more love, more courage and more freedom in your life. Imagine the impact that will have on your business!

I’ve created a downloadable version of the “Shining Woman’s Manifesto” just for you. You can print it out , stick it on the wall and keep it close so that you can read it often and remind yourself of who you really are!

I love hearing your comments and your thoughts so share them with me please, and if you loved this video share it with other shining women you know who will love it too.