Getting negative comments on your Facebook feed, well, it hurts. Unfortunately, using social media to promote our businesses comes with a risk of sometimes getting, well, unfavourable comments on our Facebook feed. Today we’re going to explore how you can handle negative comments on your feed with grace and style and move on from them without letting them affect us too much. The first thing you have to remember is it’s not about you. No matter how personal the comment is or how hurt you feel, the person who made that comment online, which they’ll probably never to do to your place, is hurting.

I heard someone say the other day, “Hurt people hurt people.” Stop for a moment and understand that in order for them to think it’s okay to make such a hurtful comment or to bully someone online, they must be in a world of pain themselves. Then ask yourself is there any truth what this person is saying? Be honest. Take the feedback, if there is feedback in it for you. If you know there’s no truth in what they said, or that they’ve misinterpreted something you said, then just brush it off and move on. Just because someone calls you a flying monkey doesn’t make you a flying monkey. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean you are what they say you are.

Sometimes just deleting a hurtful comment is the best option, but often it’s even more valuable to turn that negative comment into an opportunity to show someone else kindness, compassion and grace. Your community will respect you for it, and your followers will back you up and sympathise with you. Whenever you get a hurtful comment on your news feed, try to turn it into an opportunity to show compassion and kindness. Then buy yourself a big tub of ice cream, eat it all up and feel better. I want to hear from you. Tell me in the comments how you’ve handled negative comments on your news feed in the past. Then please remember to share this video with other people who may need to hear this message today. Have a Facebook fabulous week, and I’ll see you next week.