Are you over Facebook groups?

“oh no, not another Facebook group”
Facebook groups getting you down?
You be like “Facebook groups I’m out!”
Are your Facebook groups filled with salesy Susans constantly telling you to “Buy my stuff!!”

Yeah! I get it!

If the Facebook groups you hang out it is getting you down, get out!! Now.

Do you want to know how to get fantastic value out of the Facebook groups you join?

Do you want to know?

Come closer.

Here’s the secret

You give value, without the expectation of getting anything in return. Just give value.

I’m not talking about giving “value” disguised as “Buy my stuff” like “here’s my latest blog post, I know it will give value and then you can head over to my site and ”Buy my stuff“

No, I’m talking about real, value, real help, real contributions where you jump in the group and actually make a difference to the people in the group.

You see, Facebook groups are like campfires; like-minded people getting together to share their version of Kumbaya!

If everyone in the group shares their knowledge and their experience the entire group benefits. Then we look forward to coming back to that fire. We stay engaged with the people at that campfire and we love hanging out around that fire. We look forward to being there and we gladly join in and share and help where we can.

Which is way better than sitting at the campfire where everyone keeps saying, ”buy my stuff“!

So if you have been hanging out in the ”buy my stuff“ groups for too long, get your butt outta there, yeah, quit the group!

Sayonara suckers!

And join a group where you commit to helping, encouraging and sharing your expertise purely for the benefit of the members of the group. Contribute, participate, post, share and like. When you have delivered enough value people will find you and your stuff online all by themselves.

Here are three awesome Facebook groups you can check out if you want to see how it’s done.

Gena and Jordana and Your Magical Business where you get to hang out with over 8000 other entrepreneurs.

Or check out Screw the 9 to 5 Community where there are over 10 000 members giving their 9 to 5s the finger and creating successful online businesses.

And last but certainly not least, you can join my brand new Facebook group called Shine Online with Salome where I’m hanging out with other coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs as we go from offline hustle to online happiness.

You can join my group by clicking on the link below.

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Remember this is your time to shine!