Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Content is king, but context is God.” If you’re managing many different social media platforms and posting on all of them, maybe you’ve wondered: Should I be posting different content on different platforms every day? It’s a perfectly legitimate question, which I get asked very often, especially from new content creators or new entrepreneurs who want to make the biggest impact they can on social media, so they just go and post everywhere.

But, it soon leads to a feeling of overwhelm and frustration, because coming up with new, fresh content every single day is hard. Who has time for that? Let’s think about what Gary said. If content is king, that means we have to be posting new content consistently. We all agree on that one already, Gary. But if context is God, that means we have to pay attention to the way people consume content on every single platform.

On Twitter, people want short, punchy one-liners. On LinkedIn they want very serious articles with punctuation. On Facebook, they just want to chill out and check out what their friends and their favourite brands are up to. Instagram is for inspiration and beautiful pictures.

The question is, how do you honour the context and come up with original content for each platform you’re on, every single day? Today I’ve got three tips for you on how to consistently produce content for every platform you’re on without losing your mind. Number one, be realistic about how many platforms you can actively be on. Your social media FOMO is getting out of control if you cannot consistently maintain a presence and engage with your followers on the platforms you’ve chosen to be on. Choose one platform and master that platform. Be there consistently and do it well before you take on a second one. There will always be some new, hot, fancy social media platform popping up that everyone says, “If you want to make a big impact, you absolutely have to be there.”

But it’s simply not true. If your followers are on one specific platform, choose that one and do it well before you move onto the second one. Don’t let your FOMO get the better of you. Choose one platform where you can build a community of engaged followers and create consistent content on that one platform. Then move on to the second one.

Tip number two. Start blogging, vlogging or podcasting regularly. Now this may seem like a lot of work, but it is well worth it when you start using your social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog, vlog, or podcast. You can also grab smaller bits from this bigger piece of content and turn that into social media content. This way, you’re leverage your time by creating one big of content, and then repurposing tiny little bits of it over and over and over. That way, you always have something of value you can share on your social media.

Let me give you an example of how this works. Record a video blog and post it on Facebook and YouTube. Have it transcribed and turned into a very serious article for LinkedIn. From the transcription, grab little bits and turn them into tweets. Take those little bits, put them on a beautiful image, and post them on Instagram. Now go on Instagram Stories and share a little bit behind the scenes of this video blog. Then jump over to SnapChat and take a picture of you looking like a cat and post that for fun. I think you get the picture.

Sit down and batch-create a handful of major pieces of content. These are your blogs, your video blogs, or your podcast episodes. Then pull from it social media content you can use over the next 12 months.

Tip number three is repost old content. Only a fraction of your audience sees the content you post daily. If it’s an evergreen post that will have value to your audience six months after you posted it the first time, and you can see that it did pretty well organically, then post it again. Go back into your insights and see which posts performed best, and repost them.

Now there you have it, folks. You do not have to come up with original content for every single platform, every day. If you follow these three simple tips you will find that soon you’ll be building a large social media following and you’ll be spending 30 minutes to an hour every day engaging with your wonderful followers. Please share with me what is one thing you’re going to be doing this year to simplify your social media content creation process so that you spend less time thinking, “What am I going to come up with next?” and spend more time just hanging out with the awesome community you’re building. Tag a friend in this video who needs to see this or share it on your page. Thank you for watching, and may you have a Facebook fabulous week.