So you spent days creating the perfect Facebook ad. You carefully crafted every word of copy. You meticulously put together the perfect image or recorded the most beautiful professionally produced video. You’re ready to send that ad into Facebook land, and you can already hear the Facebook angels bringing leads into your business on autopilot. And, then, bam. Facebook doesn’t approve your ad. Bloody Facebook.

Hi. I’m Salome Schillack and I help coaches and consultants become wildly popular and get scores of leads into their businesses using Facebook video and Facebook video ads. Today, we’re going to explore a few ways you can reach out to Facebook to repeal the decision to disapprove an ad so that you can get that ad up and running fast. When you know the right appeals process to go through when you want your ads to be approved, you will feel more in control of your ads and you’ll get your ads approved more often.

Getting in touch with someone at Facebook can be a little bit like finding Jason Bourne. Nobody knows where the guy is but watch out because he knows where you live. When your ads aren’t getting approved by Facebook, the first thing you should do is check the Facebook ads guidelines. Now, I know you’re not breaking any of the guidelines on purpose, but Facebook has computers that pick up on little things. And, if they think you may have broken one of the guidelines, the computer automatically disapproves your ad even though it may be perfectly inside the guideline.

One of the guidelines that people often get pulled up for is the one that says you’re not allowed to call people out, discriminate or single them out based on personal attributes or personal behaviours. Usually, those types of ad would contain the pronoun “you” or “your.” For example, if you’re a health coach, you could be saying, “Are you looking to lose weight?” If you’re a relationship coach, maybe your ad says, “Are you ready to find your dream man?” Or, if you’re a money mindset or financial services coach, you could say something like, “Are you ready to make squillions of dollars?” Now, that one is never going to get approved. But, using the pronoun “you” or ‘your” could get picked up by the computers, and your ads could become rejected because of that. To help you out, I’m going to link to the Facebook ad guidelines below this video.

Once you’ve checked to make sure that you’re not in violation of one of the guidelines, then it’s time to reach out to Facebook and appeal the decision. The best place to start when you’re appealing an ad is to try the live chat feature so you can talk to someone in real time. Now, this feature isn’t always available because it’s live, and they’ve got to sleep. But, check to see if it is available at different times of the day because it is the easiest way to get the decision turned around. To see if live chat is available, go to the ads manager and click on help in the top right-hand corner. Scroll all the way down to “additional support,” and this is where you’ll see the chat icon if they are available.

If live chat isn’t available, your next option is to send them an email. You’ll find the email option on the same page you found chat, but this time you’re going to click the email icon. I usually find that Facebook is pretty good at getting back to me within 24 hours. But, if you’re waiting more than 24 hours, I would go back in and resubmit a new query.

Finally, you can ask the community and this is where you’ll find a whole list of FAQs. So, it is possible that someone may in the past have submitted the same query you have and you’ll find the answer there but a much quicker and easier way to get a response is just to send me a private message linking to your ad, and I’ll help you identify where you’ve gone wrong.

There you have it, folks. No more pulling your hair out of your head trying to get your Facebook ads approved. Reach out to Jason Bourne, Facebook and who knows? You may have your ad approved in no time. If you like this video, give it a like. And, if you think someone else will like it, please share it with them. Have a Facebook fabulous week and I’ll see you next week.