The images we use in our Facebook ads can make or break the ad. What do you do when you’re just starting out and you don’t have the budget for expensive stock images?

Hi, my name is Salome Schillack, and I help couches, consultants and online entrepreneurs become wildly famous with Facebook video and get scores of leads into their businesses with Facebook ads. Today, I want to share with you some of my favourite places to find good quality stock images for your Facebook ads for free.

The first way to get good quality images for free is to create your own. With the smartphone that you’ve got in your pocket and all the apps available in the app store it’s really possible to create fantastic images just using your smartphone. All you need to create good quality images with your phone is good lighting. You can add some filters over the photos and then edit the photos in some of the apps you can find in the app store. Some of my favourite apps that I use almost daily to edit my apps include: Snapchat, Patch, Beauty Plus and Photoshop Fix. Take your own photo and then add some pizazz with all the apps that are available to you in the app store.

The second place you can find great images for your ads is in the Canva Image Library. I absolutely love using Canva to edit all of my images. I use it almost daily for my video thumbnails, my Instagram post, my Facebook post, my free PDF downloads. I use Canva for everything. Canva has a free image library that you can search for thousands of different images. If you see an image that you like and it’s not free its usually only one or two dollars to purchase the image. That’s a lot cheaper than some of the stock libraries online. The best thing about using Canva is that you can add elements to your image and edit the image right there in Canva, ready to upload to your Facebook ad.

The third way to start building up your own image library is to subscribe to the newsletters of some of the bigger stock image libraries. Most of these big stock image libraries release a handful of images for free every month. It’s well worth the effort checking these free images regularly to see if there are any images that match your brand. Save them on your computer so that you have your own library ready to go when you’re ready to start making your ad.

My favourite stock library newsletters include: SC Stockshop and Haute Chocolate. They create absolutely stunning, gorgeous flat lay images and give away images for free every month. If flat lay images are not exactly what you’re looking for, you can subscribe to sites like Deposit Photos or Shutterstock. Check out the free images that they give away every month.

The fourth way you can get hold of some really good quality free images is to tap into the Facebook Image Library. That’s right. Facebook has its own image library. It’s probably the best-kept secret on Facebook. To be honest, I’ve personally never used any of the Facebook images simply because I like having my image ready to go before I start uploading anything to the Power Editor. If you want to have a look at these images they can be found when you create your ad inside the Ads Manager or the Power Editor at ad level. Go ahead, have a look, see if you find something there that you like. You never know, maybe you’ll find the best image ever.

The next place you can start looking for some great free images is on a website called Unsplash. Unsplash is by far my favourite site to find free images. They have beautifully styled images and you can choose from thousands and search by theme. But, here’s a word of caution. Some of the images on Unsplash are very popular. When you do use an image from Unsplash you could add a filter or edit it in some way so that you add your unique touch to it. Otherwise, you might end up looking like everyone else who’s used the same image. Explore the Unsplash library of rich, beautiful images and enjoy using them for free.

The next website I love to use for free images is called Pexels. The images on Pexels are a lot less stylized than they are on Unsplash but they look more like traditional stock images. If that’s what you’re after then Pexels is the best place to find some real stocky stock image. Again, if you’re going to use images from Pexels, edit the images so that it communicates your branding, your colours, your style. Add your personal touch to it otherwise you end up looking like everyone else.

Another great site that’s a bit of a wildcard is Gratisography. The images on Gratisography are quirky, funny and in some cases just downright hilarious. They’re beautiful images but they all have a little bit of a quirk in them. This is a good thing because people will respond really well to these images, but it can also be negative because it gets used a lot. You might end up using the same image as someone else and being associated with their brand. Gratisography has hundreds of images, some more quirky than others, but it’s a great place to go to download some free images or to just go if you need a little bit of laughter therapy.

There you have it folks. That’s seven places you can go to, to find some great quality free images for your Facebook ads. If you know any other great websites please pop it in the comments below this video and share it with everyone so we can all access these great free resources together. If you like this video please give it a like and if you think someone else will like it, share it with them too. Have a Facebook fabulous week. See you next week. Bye.