Today I want to talk to you about something that I see quite often in women is a reluctance to invest in ourselves.

I had a coffee with a friend earlier in this week and we were talking about the same thing. And what we said was investing in yourself is a little bit like going to the gym. The first time you go, it just hurts. And then the second time, it still hurts. And the third time, it hurts a lot but you start getting it. And by the 10th time you’re starting to get the moves. And by the time you’ve gone a hundred times, you’ve got some muscles to show and you’ve got some rock hard abs and you’re building a nice bum.

It’s difficult to imagine yourself signing up to a uni-course or going on an overseas trip or doing that big thing you dream about, that is just about you and just about what you want to do if you’re not already investing in yourself in the little things.

It used to be really difficult for me to go for pedicures. I thought that it was indulgent and especially after having kids I just thought well, you know, I need to spend money on the children, or I need to save, or you know we can’t afford something as indulgent as that. And then I realized how I’m doing myself in by not giving myself that little luxury. Because giving myself that little luxury allowed me to then sign up for bigger courses, going on bigger holidays, start dreaming about bigger things where I can invest in myself.

The other thing that happened is it also taught me that I’m worth investing in. And so, now, when people give me things or when I’m offered things, or when other people want to invest in me, it’s a lot easier for me to open up and say thank you, I accept that, I accept your investment in me because I know that I’m worth it.

It started with the little things, it started with the small investments like a pedicure and it built up. And like going to the gym, in the beginning, even the littlest thing hurt. But then as I grew, it got bigger and bigger and the muscle got stronger and stronger.

And so, my challenge to you today is to ask yourself, what is the little thing you can do to prove to yourself that you are worth investing in? What is the little thing you can do today that is going to hurt, that you can start doing to build the muscle? And if you’ve already built a little bit of muscle, build a bigger muscle. Invest in something that’s outside your comfort zone. Go a little bit bigger. If you’re like me and you regularly invest in buying books or investing in your own education, then go a little bit bigger. Just stretch yourself. Sign up to a course. Or take up that hobby you’ve been dreaming about. Or take the trip. Do something that builds the muscle and gets you outside of your comfort zone of investing in yourself so you can keep growing and growing that muscle.

I would love to hear all about how you’re investing in yourself, so please leave a comment for me, tell me what you’re doing and if you like this video, share it.