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Position Overview

Compassion and leadership is your middle name. You’ve been looking for a part-time role that lets you lead people in an online community and work around your other life priorities. 

If you’re OBSESSED (yep, all caps) with helping people succeed keep reading!

Shine and Succeed (Team Shine) are looking for our next Community Manager to take ownership of the care and support our students have become used to from this community. Our members often call this ‘the most supportive community on Facebook'. This position’s primary focus is to support students and coaches as a moderator on live coaching sessions (via Zoom) and to act as our ‘hostess with the mostess’ inside the community Facebook group where we support students to get the answers they need in a timely way. 

Your #1 job will be to help students feel nurtured and get the support they need when they need it. 

Our ideal community manager does not have to have experience in online marketing or selling digital courses but has to have enough customer service experience that they can handle difficult conversations with love and kindness and can create systems that support students no matter how small the needs may be. 

You’re creative, empathic, hard-working, well organized, and dedicated to excellence. You love hanging out on social media and meeting interesting friends from all over the world.

The thought of working with a dynamic and super talented team with BIG goals lights you up.  As the primary community manager for Team Shine, you’ll be an integral part of a dedicated team that loves to make an impact in the lives of online entrepreneurs everywhere! 

This is a remote, part-time position that reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer, while also working closely with the operations team, the marketing and content team, the regular and guest coaches and other key members of the team. 

This position involves working Monday – Friday with set times you’ll need to be online to moderate group calls (you’ll be given a calendar of calls when you apply to see if it matches your availability) and you’ll be expected to be available during office hours. This position is a work from home position that comes with a degree of flexibility but requires you to be extremely reliable and available for fixed weekly meetings as well as last-minute meetings as required to complete projects on time. We expect this role will take up about 3 hours per day 5 days per week.

There are seasons (during launches or when we have a large influx of new students) when you will be expected to work until the job is done. Our entire team pulls together during these times to successfully complete the launches of our online training programs and coaching programs. This can be very rewarding and challenging work. 

Although we permit “side gigs” / work outside this role, it must not compete or overlap with the work we do, or interfere with your role and responsibilities within the team. 

Who thrives at Team Shine?

At Shine And Succeed we have a few beliefs we all hold true and it’s these beliefs that form the cornerstone of our business. Our team thrives when we all believe that:

  • We attract world-class clients and students because we offer world-class services and we are the best at teaching Facebook ads for launching online courses
  • We care deeply about everyone we work with including team members, clients, students, freelancers and suppliers
  • We focus on solutions, not on problems
  • We are reliable and deliver what we said we will when we said we will
  • We give feedback with kindness and receive feedback with gratitude
  • We have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously

If you just read this and the voice in your head said “Yes, I finally found my peeps!” then we want to hear from you.


Duties and Responsibilities

The community manager will be responsible for acting as the host and inside the private Facebook group for the members of our paid programs and be the first point of contact for students who need assistance. The community manager will create a positive environment and address any needs that the students have in a timely manner.

Your wheelhouse will also include content idea generation, hosting community-building activities and posting announcements to the group.

You’ll be responsible for… 

  • Creating posts that welcome new members
  • Helping members to log into their membership portal
  • Helping members to get familiar with the community and responding to their concerns
  • Encouraging members to engage by posting and commenting on each other’s posts
  • Demonstrating our community values and being an example of how we show up
  • Managing the process of getting answers to questions
  • Supporting coaches during live Q and A sessions so that they can focus on supporting the students
  • Sharing relevant and useful information in the community.
  • Establishing the community as a reliable source of information and a forum for transparent discussions
  • Keeping discussions focused on business objectives, spam-free, and non-controversial
  • Redirecting email conversations to communities when it can benefit other community members
  • Verifying questions and answers written by new members and checking the quality of the contents created by a non-verified member 
  • Reaching out to students who are inactive
  • Processing membership cancellations
  • Editing status of questions, answers and comments if required. Meaning, if content is not following the rules of the community, a moderator has the right to hide, archive, or delete the content 
  • Supporting the content and marketing team with feedback on what to create in order to better support students


Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • Must be able to show you have customer support experience can demonstrate using high levels of empathy and outstanding communication skills from a previous role
  • You are a true leader and compassion is your middle name. You love serving people and seeing them succeed
  • You have outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills
  • Not intimidated by technology and changes to the platforms we use to support students online
  • You can set clear boundaries and communicate them directly without becoming defensive
  • You’re known for your high level of attention to detail. Hello Monica!!
  • You are a team player who always has the back of your fellow teammates
  • You’ve never missed a deadline in your life!

Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following via email to

  • Cover letter and PDF of your CV
  • Link to a video where you tell us: Why do you want to work with us and why are you the best person for this job?


What We Do

We are a team of dynamic women changing the way that women work and earn money all over the world. We do this in a few ways. Firstly, we help established online course creators scale their online business to create more profits and more freedom as their Facebook and Instagram advertising partners in the agency. We also teach and coach new online course creators on the methods that are working now to find their best audiences and make their first sales and scale their businesses faster. 

We attract a very high calibre of clients, students and team members and expect everyone on our team to perform at their best at all times. We lead with kindness and compassion and we take care of each other always. 

We lean in and are engaged in our work and with our team, our clients and our students. We act with courage when we face uncertainty and find solutions rather than focus on problems. We are an example to everyone else in our industry of how to act with love, wisdom and compassion. 

Successful candidates will be notified via email by August 2nd. If you do not hear from us, consider your application unsuccessful. If you succeed to progress to the next round you will be invited to complete a test project for which you will be compensated. 

Skip the queue and get your application to the front by adding “Odie is the best dog” to your application email subject line.

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following via email to

  • Cover letter and PDF of your CV
  • StrengthsFinder Top–5 Strengths Report (optional)
  • eDISC Profile (optional)
  • Link to a video where you tell us: Why do you want to work with us and why are you the best person for this job?


We love diversity!

We believe that anyone can change the world and we value different perspectives and new and creative ideas born from diversity. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.