For the last two years, Amy Schmittauer has been my go-to girl for learning how to vlog. Now I don’t spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, but I can easily spend two hours binge watching Savvy Sexy Social and I always walk away having learned heaps about improving my social media and my vlog. If you’re wanting to learn how to vlog like a boss, the great news is Amy has just written the book. Today, we’re going to explore what this book is about, how it can help you, and I’m going to tell you how you can get your hands on a copy of this book courtesy of me.

Hi, I’m Salome Schillack and I help coaches and consultants become wildly popular and get scores of new leads into their businesses using Facebook video and Facebook video ads. When I heard Amy was writing a book about vlogging, I was both excited because it’s more Amy but in a book, and a little bit confused because writing a book about something as practical as making a video, like doesn’t it make more sense to make a video about making a video? Ha, and that’s exactly where I was wrong. Amy has nailed it in her book, Vlog Like a Boss.

This book is all about how to think like a professional vlogger so you can show up and shine consistently and confidently. Amy addresses all of the mindset hurdles that typically trips us up when we’re just starting out and prevents us from showing up and delivering our hearts out for the people who need to hear our message most.

Tony Robbins is famously quoted for saying, “It’s not a lack of resources that’s stopping you, it’s a lack of resourcefulness.” In Vlog Like a Boss, Amy gives us the right tools to build our resourcefulness muscles so we can go out and create professional vlogs without feeling paralysed by fear or wanting to go out and buy of tonnes of expensive gear.

Then of course, she addresses the Facebook vlogging versus YouTube vlogging issue. This is where I was getting ready to get my boxing gloves on defend my BFF Facebook against this millennial YouTuber. But she surprised me with the perfect explanation of pros and cons of both platforms, and she even gives examples of how she uses Facebook to drive traffic to her YouTube channel.

Vlog Like a Boss is an easy read, and Amy’s conversational style made me feel like I was sitting down to a couple glasses of wine chatting to a friend about a topic we both really love. I really enjoyed this book. Amy is funny, and she’s smart, and her heartfelt desire to help people start vlogging moved me. Everyone who wants to grow their business on social media should read Vlog Like a Boss.

Vlog Like a Boss is the perfect starting point if you’re considering using video to reach more of your ideal clients and to build stronger connexions with them faster. Nothing builds know, like and trust factor as fast as video. When you combine your vlogging efforts with the power of precision targeting in Facebook ads, you have a winning combination to get leads delivered into your inbox while you sleep.

To help you get started with vlogging, I’m giving away a copy of Vlog Like a Boss. Tell me in the comments below what’s the one biggest hurdle that’s stopping you from starting your own vlog whether it’s on Facebook or YouTube. I’m going to choose one lucky winner and I will personally send you a copy of Amy’s fabulous book. If you like this video give it a like, and if you think someone else will like it too, go ahead and share it with them please.

Have a Facebook fabulous week and I’ll see you next week.