Get Your First List Building Ad Up Without Wasting Money

Day 4: Setting Up Your Ad

Today you are setting up your ads in the Ads Manager and by the end of the day, you’ll have live ads that are converting more leads to your email list on autopilot every single day!

What you’re doing today is taking the first step towards creating total financial freedom for you and your family. 

Once you know how to bring more people into your world, add value to them consistently and then make them an offer that will help them transform their lives, you will change your own life too. 

Today’s training is the cherry on the cake and at the end you’ll have ads up and running so follow along step-by-step and get your ads up today. 

This video is 27 minutes long

Congratulations, you’re ready to start setting up your ad. 

Keep the video open in one browser window and open the Ads Manager in the other one. That way you can pause and play step-by-step as I go through setting up the ad with you. 

Remember, if your Ads Manager looks a little bit different that’s ok. The same principles apply and you’ll find the button somewhere on that page, it may just be in a slightly different spot. 

If you need help reach out in the group!

Woo hoo!! You can do this! I cannot wait to hear about your success with setting up your first ad. 

Tomorrow we are going to talk about what happens next. 

Once your ad is up, what then? 

I’ll also be sharing with you some very secret information that is only being shared right here right now about my upcoming course A-Listers. This is the course that will help you get your first 1000 email subscribers with Facebook and Instagram ads without wasting money or selling your soul on social media. 

Good luck with setting up your ads and talk to you tomorrow.