Get Your First List Building Ad Up Without Wasting Money

Day 3: You Can Do Techy Things!

Congratulations!!! You’re a rockstar and I am very proud of you for stepping up and creating all the pieces you need to get started with Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Today we’re putting our ‘nerd’ glasses on and we’re going to do some techy things. 

In today’s training you’ll learn:

  • What a pixel is and why you need one to track your conversions
  • Where to find your pixel and how to place your pixel on the right pages
  • How to create your custom conversion so that you can track your results and tell Facebook to give you more of what’s already working.

If techy things has your hair standing up, today is your day to be your own techy hero! I’m going to help you step-by-step. 

You can do this!

Today’s video is 17 minutes long

You did it!!

Congratulations on taking on this new skill!!

Now, it’s your turn to implement. 

Your homework is to create and place your pixel on your landing page and thank you page. 

Then you’ll also create your custom conversion. 

It should not take you more than 20 minutes to do this and if you hit a bump in the road you can always ask in the group. 

Tomorrow is a BIG day. Tomorrow we are setting up your ads and by the end of it you’ll have live ads that are adding people to your email list on autopilot every day!

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow