Get Your First List Building Ad Up Without Wasting Money

Day 2: Collecting and Creating Your Ad Assets

Today’s training could stretch you a bit!

But you know that good things happen when you are challenged to go outside your comfort zone and you are in the best place to do this with the support of me and the community in the Facebook group.

You’ll need a few hours to implement everything you learn today so set aside some time to go through the training and then block off time in your calendar to implement what you learn. 

It’s ok if you come back to the training again or if you block time off this coming weekend to action what you learn today.

You taking action is more important than staying on track to complete this in 5 days. 

There is no rush- Just start something today and block time off to complete this. 

Remember you can always ask for support in the Facebook group. 

Today you’ll learn:

  • How to use The List Builder’s Complete Checklist to Getting Started with Facebook Ads Faster and get everything ready to run your first campaign
  • The two most important pages you need before running any ads
  • How to create images that make people stop the scroll and pay attention to your ad
  • How to record videos that convert viewers into subscribers
  • Where to find your ideal audience on Facebook and Instagram - hint: they’re closer than you think

Today’s video is 20 minutes long

Your homework today is to use the checklist to create the following pieces:

  • Your landing page, your opt-in box, and your thank you page
  • Your high converting copy
  • Your thumb-stopping images
  • You’re engaging video

Don’t overthink this. 

Just use the checklist and check these items off one by one. 

Ask in the group if hit a bump in the road. 

You’ve got this. 

You can do techy things and figure it out!! This is your moment to SHINE!!

Tomorrow we are setting up pixels and creating custom conversions so tune in so that we can get your conversion ads converting like gangbusters in no time!!

See you tomorrow.