Coming up with fresh new content consistently can be a challenge. Sometimes we know our own area of expertise so well that it can be difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of our followers and share with them something that they don’t know. If that’s you, then don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal and I see it all the time. That’s why today, together, we’re going to explore ways that you can come up with 20 content ideas in 30 minutes or less, so you can spend less time worrying about coming up with new content ideas and more time engaging with the people who are consuming that wonderful content.

Firstly, I want you to ask your followers what they want. Give them some broad options of topics and create a poll. See which ones come up top, and create content on the three to five top ones.

Next, look at what the industry leaders in your area is talking about. What’s the hot topic? What’s controversial? What’s got people polarised? What are the major challenges your industry is facing at the moment? Create a blog, a video blog, or a podcast episode around the major talking points industry leaders are talking about.

Read a book and share how what you learned in the book relates to your business or your life or your area of expertise. Or maybe, read more than one book and create a list of your favourite books on a specific topic that relates to your area of expertise.

Something else you can try is think about things that have gone wrong. Things that have gone wrong in your business or life, or things that went wrong in the life or business of one of your clients. Share what happened, what you learned from it, and how it can be easily prevented the next time.

Share behind the scenes. If reality TV has proven anything, it’s that we love going behind the scenes of the people we adore. Take your followers behind the scenes of your life or your business to show them how you’ve created the success you have.

How about Googling your own area of expertise? What are the top articles that come up? What opinions do you have about those top articles and how can you contribute to the conversation?

What about interviewing an authority in your field? Reach out to every authority in your industry and ask them if they’ll spare a few minutes to add value to your audience. But remember, you have to give if you want to get. Find out what matters most to them and see if you can help them first.

Finally, host a live Q&A. Let your community interview you and pay attention to the questions they ask. Turn those questions into your next three or five video or blog topics.

That should keep you busy for a while. Coming up with video or blog topics and ideas should feel light and easy. You now have a few places you can start. As you start creating consistent quality content, you’ll feel your content muscles flexing and you’ll get stronger and stronger and it will get easier and easier.

Go ahead and tag someone in the comments who would also like to hear these tips on coming up with content ideas in less than 30 minutes. Have a Facebook fabulous week, and see you next week!